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  1. last week motor show nothing pushed COE up
  2. can any summarize this round CAT A/B/E compare to last round up or down
  3. CAT E suddenly shoot from 1 to 36.6K
  4. MQX87511

    Hyflux shareholders to stage protest at Hong Lim

    wonder how come hyflux still can survive
  5. MQX87511

    Hyflux Preference Shares

    got money liao, 400m enough for share holders (6 to 8% interest)?
  6. MQX87511

    Jiak Kim Street closure on Monday 18 Nov

    should be a Japanese bomb,
  7. because there is not exciting car models in market, full of all boring Hybrid, NA, CVT in market, nobody interesting to change cars
  8. MQX87511

    Do you earn S$7,500 gross a month

    i'm 6k, wife 4k pm, stay 4rms hdb bto flat with a 11 yrs COE jap car
  9. MQX87511

    Do you earn S$7,500 gross a month

    Water industry profit very low, hard to pay 15k for a manager, unlike O&G industry fresh grade engineer also can draw 7.5k, manager easily up to 15k
  10. MQX87511

    Do you earn S$7,500 gross a month

    Singaporean really rich, recently my company wants to hire an Automation manager (Water treatment industry), offer SGD9.6k/pm (Singaporean Only), no one wants to come
  11. MQX87511

    Do you earn S$7,500 gross a month

    12 years ago I changed job, the new employer based on my experience and education qualification, offered me 4.2k/mth, but I wanted working at less pressure and responsibility, requested 3.8k/mth only
  12. MQX87511

    Do you earn S$7,500 gross a month

    I bought my Civic 1.8 @ 70k 11 years ago with S$3800 gross month, loan S$600/mth 10 years, average fuel S$200/mth, parking, road tax, ERP, Insurance, service etc S$300/mth, with quite tight finance now S$5800 gross month, renew COE @31k, no loan others expanses almost same, quite comfortable driving, thanks civic hassle free save me a lot $$
  13. MQX87511

    2018 Honda Accord

    Wah! made in Thai also cost 160k its price much even Higher than Passat 1.8T (Made in Germany), close to Audi A4 2.0T (Made in Germany) and Volvo S60 2.0T (Made in USA), Really Don't know what is the basis of price how many units KM can sell