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  1. andrewyewkc

    MAZDA 6

    Thanks for the info. Can anyone confirm that they use 0W-20?
  2. andrewyewkc

    MAZDA 6

    Also the free nasi lemak.
  3. andrewyewkc

    MAZDA 6

    This is to recoup the cost of building the new Mazda Facility?
  4. andrewyewkc

    Seat Ateca

    In their marketing, they put it as "Haldex-based on-demand 4WD system." This is probably not a 4WD system, it is more commonly called AWD. For normal cars, acceleration for AWD is usually slower because the car is heavier due to the extra equipment. AWD is useful for tougher terrain.
  5. andrewyewkc

    i Wake Up Naked Today Morning

    This one will be very challenging.
  6. andrewyewkc

    i Wake Up Naked Today Morning

    I think we need the good minister to demonstrate.
  7. andrewyewkc

    i Wake Up Naked Today Morning

    Training and risk assessment should be provided. https://thefrisky.com/four-positions-for-small-car-sex/
  8. andrewyewkc

    i Wake Up Naked Today Morning

    To increase the birthrate, the Minister will provide free hourly rentals of these cars to any courting couples?
  9. andrewyewkc

    i Wake Up Naked Today Morning

    These must be the small spaces Josephine was referring to?
  10. andrewyewkc

    2019 All new Mazda 3

    What massage chair? A masseuse will come with the car.
  11. To her credit, she was quite polite in her note. Nice lady.
  12. andrewyewkc

    Mercedes Owners Thread

    https://www.carbibles.com/storing-car-on-holiday/ The alternator need to run for a while to charge the battery otherwise just starting the car will draw current and drain battery instead. This site says minimum 15 minutes.
  13. andrewyewkc

    The all new Lexus UX

    This system sounds more complicated. Hope this new technology will be just as reliable.
  14. andrewyewkc

    Mercedes Owners Thread

    How much is the extended warranty?
  15. andrewyewkc

    2019 All new Mazda 3

    Surprised to hear this. Thanks. Can elaborate a bit?