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  1. Davidtkl

    How to enforce the law for PMDS?

    Somehow, this video is strangely satisfying to view.
  2. Davidtkl

    Mother of ALL JAMs in at Checkpoint

    No. I loan my card to the car in front of me before.
  3. Davidtkl

    MAZDA 6

    Did you get his answer ? He said Mazda 6 is a driver's car. There is nothing about performance being mentioned here. I give you one simple test. You sit in a Civic first, put your legs on the foot rest and accelerator and then the brakes. After that, sit in the Mazda 6 and try. You can feel clearly which car is designed with the driver in mind. But the design of Honda's interior, material and paint work is a no fight with Mazda's.
  4. Davidtkl

    MAZDA 6

    are you sure ? Try driving even the civic or accord. Your answer would differ
  5. Davidtkl


    Ok. If this post helps others to make a decision, I would post it. I did a colonscopy today unsedated as part of the routine check. It is just a bit uncomfortable but not painful. In fact, I was still able to chat with the doctor. Though not a medical procedure that one would go for, for no reason, it is a good preventive measure to get polyps removed before they turned nasty. And the regular interval for this is every few years. The peace of mind is probably worth it. Hope it helped you.
  6. Davidtkl

    Mother of ALL JAMs in at Checkpoint

    Why don’t you download the app and top up electronically ? No more looking for petrol kiosk.
  7. Davidtkl

    over 40s... if you were retrenched tomorrow...

    I know of people that have to stay in their jobs because they over leverage and have high mortgages despite health issues such as high blood pressure, stressed etc. Literally playing for their excesses with their lives. I also have another NS friend who quickly paid up his HDB flat. Contented with his situation, quit the corporate life. Travel 6 months, work 6 mths in freelancing/ short term contract jobs. Which is the better option
  8. Davidtkl

    MAZDA 6

    I bought and changed it myself without a problem. Did you get the battery right?
  9. Davidtkl

    MAZDA 6

    This is how they earn. If you go to an external workshop, they would just ask you “ai change mai “.
  10. Davidtkl

    Independent workshop for Mercedes Benz?

    I tried Tropical Success and another guy recommended by a friend. His workshop is at a Bukit Timah SPC station. Both are good.
  11. Davidtkl

    2018 Honda Accord

    The very delectable new CLA is also around that price range with 5 years warranty and servicing from some PI. If you do not have a big family or it’s just you and your wife, then it is a much more exciting proposition than the accord. Jaguar XE is 197 bhp for around the same price. Get the Mazda 2.5 which comes in a much better interior for 30k less. Pocket the money and go for a round the world cruise. In short, there are much better options around for that kind of money.
  12. Davidtkl

    Where to buy touch n go card in sg

    This is my point exactly.
  13. Davidtkl

    Where to buy touch n go card in sg

    Yes. But the tng card expiration date is ridiculous. It is useable with one year of non-use. Cash card, 5 years or till the card expires.
  14. What do you guys think ? I think so. Compared with maybe 10 years ago, I am seeing and experiencing more people giving way, and seeing fewer annoying honking. Years ago, Singaporean drivers are notorious for not giving way and speeding up when you want to cut into some lanes. Anyone think otherwise?
  15. Davidtkl

    Interesting Concept Cars from Yesteryear

    Recall this vividly too.