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  1. City players seems somewhat tired after the international break. First time Man shitty lost since 29 January 2019, when Newcastle (under Rafa Benitez) beat them 2-1 at St James Park.
  2. Bobby Firmino's heat map against Newcastle at Anfield. What a fantastic animalistic performance...haha
  3. At Anfield Saturday, Newcastle's Steve Bruce will most likely repeat the bus-parking tactics adopted during their win against Tottenham. There will be a 4-man midfield sitting deep in front of a back 5; and looking for breaks to nick in a goal or two. Liverpool has to score early to disrupt NC's game plan as clearly the away team would be trying hard to earn at least a point out of this game.
  4. Powerfully articulated. Salute salute salute. 💪 💪 💪
  5. I cannot understand why Ki-Jana Hoever is left out? ☹️
  6. Understand that Bobby Duncan's agent was cut out of the Fiorentina transfer deal. No loan deal -just straight £1.8m sale, with LFC having 20% future sell-on clause. Mirror
  7. Actually Salah should be sub out instead of Mane imo Somewhat biased that is how Mane felt.
  8. Confirmed line up - same as last game against Arsenal. Liverpool: Adrian; Alexander-Arnold, Matip, Van Dijk, Robertson; Fabinho, Henderson, Wijnaldum; Salah, Mane, Firmino Substitutes: Kelleher, Gomez, Milner, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Lallana, Shaqiri, Origi
  9. cashcow

    EPL- 2019/2020

    Spurs player transfer is managed directly by Daniel Levy. Poch has no control n little say - too bad the lowdown will be problem in the football pitch. Aside Vertonghen, Eriksen n Toby's contract isssues, they have lost Tripper to Atletico Madrid. So far team play seems to be less flowing and somewhat lacking in intensity. Chelsea is affected by the transfer ban; so Lampard is actually the best coach choice from amongst the various candidates available. Arsenal's Emery Unai is progressing well imo. Indeed he is trying to weed out marginal and non performing players given the team he inherited last year. New players like Pepe and Luiz (cheap n experienced) should give them a fighting chance for top 4. Man U's new coach OGS (or whoever) will need at least another season to make a proper clearout due to the excesses of overhyped or past-prime players (eg Alexis Sanchez, Rojo etc) signed during JM's time or earlier. Unsettled players eg Pogba, Sanchez, Fred and even Matic is giving Man Utd lots of headaches and pains. Based on players movements and transfers done during this window, Man City and Liverpool looks relatively stable and steady and therefore should do well provided no major injury surprises other than the early calf injury suffered by Alisson Becker.
  10. Brewster is a direct replacement for Sturridge. Wilson had done well at Championship level; now upgraded to Premier league level. Still improving with more game time with Bournemouth. By end season Wilson should be a polished gem to play for Pool in the 2020/21 season. Together with Marko Grujic (now on loan to Hertha BSC). Liverpool's now planing ahead without having to pay excessive fees in the transfer market. By then Lallana and possibly Milner may be phased out aside other tweaks.....just my thots
  11. Final result latest Yeo J.M 0 17 11 Itanon 2 21 21 Sg lose to Th
  12. Yeo Jia Min vs Ratchanok Itanon Now playing Showing on Astrosports channel 4 Best of luck to Jia Min....jia yu 加油! 加油!
  13. Klopp's successor must have 3 big big big H factors - Big Hugs Big Heart Big Humilty Aside the usual smart football coaching qualities. Anyone suitable or familiar? Maybe Klopp will help FSG to appoint his successor. In Klopp we trust. [Otherwise recall Rafa - or anyone?]
  14. This thread is about Liverpool FC's stuff. But of course if you think Man City can perform, your opinion will be humbly respected. LFC unsurprisingly seems to always worry Pepsi Guardiola and his bands of troubled fans. It's akin to a LFC supporter going to MC forum thread (sadly not very popular here) saying :- mate, Man Shitty's gonna relegated. :)) If that is the case, then Liverpool winning FA cup this year would sound belly belly encouraging. Anyway's thanks for your wonderful concern and suckport... lol