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  1. I believe this is applicable if the "near" is really "near", like next to it or directly opposite. Avenue South I believe is couple of streets away and effects of "neg energy" coming from hospital is negligible I think.
  2. Singhealth is expanding the SGH campus and more docs will be working there soon in their grand master plan. Anyway you might be surprised to know that many people can afford car but chose to live within walking distance or 1 mrt stop to where they work, including docs, bankers and so on. I have a doc friend who will never buy a car and his plan is to shift as conveniently as possible to where his clinic is located. Another friend who is in real estate business is making good money but chose to stay at Bain Street where his office is close by and not get a car too. So don't rule out the desirability of people wanting to stay close to where they work even if they can afford car but chose not to. Even those that have car often also like to stay near to where they work (not necessarily walking distance but within a few mrt stops).
  3. Damienic

    Most Improved Car Brands

    How about Alfa Romeo as one of the most improved car brands? The Giuglia and Stelvio, especially the latter was making waves in much of the car review column
  4. Damienic

    Greater Southern Waterfront discussion

    Avenue South is off Kampong Bahru, which is a km plus to Vivo City. Not that far. GSW is in Dist 4 and not really central region. The condos along Keppel Bay can’t really sell high too. Rem Reflections? How many people bought it at 2500psf and above and now many have to sell at a loss at below 2000psf. Skyline and Coral Keppel Bay are high in asking but can sell or not at that price is anybody’s Guess. I don’t believe Dist 4 properties are that highly sought after
  5. Damienic

    Greater Southern Waterfront discussion

    Shouldn’t be that ex. The first project in the GSW which is called Avenue South Residences is supposed to be launched at an average of 18xx psf. Preview supposed to be next Saturday and official launch the following week
  6. Damienic

    Watch Part V

    KHH sells at retail price
  7. Damienic

    Watch Part V

    Thanks. Haha, the Incredible Hulk
  8. Damienic

    Watch Part V

    Gotten this recently.
  9. Damienic

    New VW T Roc compact SUV

    No offence, but I always find VW makes boring cars
  10. Damienic

    Audi Q2 Coming Soon

    Thanks for the info. Am a little surprised.....saw them putting up a 1.4 management demo unit which is several months old for sale at 134k...usually the price difference between brand new and management demo units is not so wide one...
  11. Damienic

    Audi Q2 Coming Soon

    What is the current Q2 price (1.0 and 1.4)?
  12. Damienic

    2017 Jeep Renegade 1.4

    Beauty is very subjective I feel. Personally I find the look unconventional but interesting, not ugly at all imo.
  13. Damienic

    2017 Jeep Renegade 1.4

    Oh so far I have not seen before yet. Anyone can comment on reliability of Jeep?
  14. Damienic

    2017 Jeep Renegade 1.4

    Anyone own or have a look at this already? Looks interesting... http://www.sgcarmart.com/news/review.php?AID=1176