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  1. Girlgirlzz

    2015 Sep, 2nd COE Bidding Exercise

    Welcome. Not to worry, I will wait for that day to come when COE drops below 10k level.. I believe it's possible.
  2. Girlgirlzz

    2015 Sep, 2nd COE Bidding Exercise

    I think COEs will mostly likely continue to drop... to 50k...40k..30k..20k..and then 10k soon... cuz more cars r due to scrapped in 2015 - 2016... meaning supply will increase... now coe too expensive, how to afford a car ?? how i wish back to 2006-2008 days when coe prices was just ard 10k... hopefully drop back to tt level lor..
  3. Girlgirlzz

    New Harrier Japan

    Whats ur current ride?? coe due soon? Wah, like tt how?? meaning have to wait a few more months wor... wait lor..
  4. Girlgirlzz

    New Harrier Japan

    is ur COE guaranteed alr?? they bid for u guaranteed package how much? u put ur deposit and all liao ah???
  5. Girlgirlzz

    2015 Sep, 2nd COE Bidding Exercise

    I still remain hopeful of my below 10k COE price... :) In current time, current car prices, is overly expensive and unaffordable for me.. So the only thing I could do nw is to wait for bigger drop in COE prices.. hehe.. I believe tomorrow and the future will be better.. :) Yay! :)
  6. Girlgirlzz

    PAP New Cabinet 2015! Reshuffle 2017/2018

    Great ! Will we see a dip in COE prices??? Oh yes please... My below 10k COE please, I have been waiting for long... Hopefully COE prices will be well regulated.. Hehe..
  7. Girlgirlzz

    2015 Sep, 2nd COE Bidding Exercise

    Aiya, i also everyday eat bread jus to save up to buy a car wad.. same same.. ohh, given ur golden rule ... my friend 2.8k per mth, then 2/3 of it is ard 1.8k per mth for a car.. very safe.. no wonder he can afford a brand new conti recently with 2.8k salary..
  8. Girlgirlzz

    2015 Sep, 2nd COE Bidding Exercise

    I heard some of the Parallel importers do offer 80% to 90% car loan, with just 20% downpayment of the car.. I saw from advertisements in sgcarmart de lor... I agree with u... like u said, people who earn 4k per mth also can buy a car... my friend earn 2k plus per mth also can buy brand new conti recently.. those who earn 1k per mth i believe also have chance buy a car de..
  9. Girlgirlzz

    2015 Sep, 2nd COE Bidding Exercise

    I agree, dun say 5k per mth, my friend he earns 2.8k per mth, single in his 30s, also jus bought a brand new conti car recently..can one la Wow, i am impressed. My fren single in his 30s, earn 2.8k per mth also bought brand new conti recently.. So, 6k per mth with 2 kids, buy new car , can understand also.. wonder how they do it... nice..
  10. Girlgirlzz

    New car discount/price/promo

    It's this year model?? 2015?
  11. Girlgirlzz

    All New BMW 1 Series

    I see... The height of bmw 1 series is the same as normal sedan for driver itself and the rear passengers?? cuz i see that 1 series rear passengers the height of seats like abit low.. same goes for the driver... if its like normal 3 or 5 series sedan, or honda city/honda accord sedan height for both driver n rear passengers then i will consider getting bmw 1 series liao..haha.. I see, fair enough.. if ur height is 170-175cm and legroom is ok, then i think should be ok for me too... wondering the headroom for rear passengers too.. for me, legroom, headroom/height of the car and seats, interior noise of the car is most impt... i shall go tk a look ,thanks! Ohh, Toyota estima is way bigger luhhx... that one cfm more legroom..haha.. so i can understand tt.. anyway thanks for ur advice, will look into it..
  12. Girlgirlzz

    2015 Sep, 2nd COE Bidding Exercise

    Yes I agree, no need to feel sad or angry over it. u sign on the dotted line at the price u are ok n comfortable with. Also, few months later when the coe drops further(because increase in supply as more cars r due to scrapped in 2015-2016), coe will most likely drop further (hoping below 10k coe tho)....then altis will drop to below 100k... Yes just enjoy the ride.. u signed at the price u chose to. u could chose not to.. Hahahaha, coe slowly dropping.. step by step... worth the wait..! :)
  13. Girlgirlzz

    Toyota Camry

    139,xxx, 7airbags and 2.0l is good! Congrats!!