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  1. Davidtch

    Lets talk about China history 上下五千年

  2. Davidtch

    LTA Vehicle Inspection

    My previous MRS has aftermarket exhaust. I don't have LTA cert. Went to VICOM for inspection. VICOM asked me for the cert. I told them to check their system. In the end, no issue. I passed the inspection.
  3. Read my previous comments on this topic. This point is also put forward in the article shared by Hoseybo. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hong_Kong_Human_Rights_and_Democracy_Act
  4. That's why i always say you propagate violence. Under HK police regulation, police is allowed to use appropriate force leading to an arrest. Don't bother to reply to me if you want to put words in my mouth.
  5. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/i-prefer-death-than-living-with-the-memories-says-taxi-driver-who-caused-fatal
  6. Davidtch

    2018 Toyota Supra

  7. Davidtch

    2018 Toyota Supra

    Toyota Malaysia will sell GR Supra in separate GR Garage.
  8. I give up answering theoretical question as no one is trained to handle that kind of situation.
  9. Davidtch

    Unusual or rare cars

    I drive 500NM diesel truck a lot of times. It is quite scary when you slam throttle. I almost "lost" tail when wet rainy day.
  10. Rem Meng Wan Zhou? No effect on China?
  11. Davidtch

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    You have to turn left immediately after pay toll. Otherwise you gonna miss it.
  12. Davidtch

    Speed limit 4 PMDs, bicycles to be cut to 10kmh on footpath

    Rather than looking at the stats, has anyone bother to look into cause of each fire?
  13. Maybe you should check out who is her dad. Her older bro is working under XJP. Her younger bro run road to Sg.
  14. Davidtch

    Unusual or rare cars

    Thank to my friend Google, it belongs to Tuanku Temenggong Johor, aka 2nd prince of Johor
  15. Davidtch

    Unusual or rare cars

    Both D5 & B5 has 700nm torque.