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    Fans of Ryan Reynolds?

    The new ad for the brand-new Hyundai Elantra features Deadpool actor, Ryan Reynolds, well, everywhere. As two women drive their new Elantra down suburban streets, they see Ryan Reynolds in every man they pass. Being that he’s a pretty big heartthrob at the moment, the two women can’t look away and are easily getting distracted. This is right up until the moment that they almost run over a man, who looks like Ryan Reynolds, walking his dogs. But they don’t hit him because the car can stop itself to protect them while they’re distracted. Watch the video here.
  2. 5 Suspension Mods That Can Ruin Your Car. Source: Engineering Explained's Youtube channel https://www.facebook.com/maxpolish/videos/1137284049644671/
  3. DawnIntanFarhana

    Any NBA fans?

    Blazers Vs Warriors last wednesday... such a close match. 121-125. Thompson scored 33 points with six 3-pointers. And of course, Warriors won the series by 4-1.
  4. DawnIntanFarhana

    Highly Anticipated Movies of 2015/6

    X-men apocalypse! It'll start showing in JB for midnight show on Tuesday. In IMDB, this movie had pretty good ratings but it got a rotten tomato (57%) in Rotten Tomatoes. Hmmm~
  5. DawnIntanFarhana

    Nice Japanese Songs

    Speaking about band... Is anyone a fan of One Ok Rock? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hh9yZWeTmVM
  6. DawnIntanFarhana

    Malaysia: Drive and Eat Melaka by the Bear

    I would recommend stall no 2. Portuguese settlement is no where near Holiday Inn. It is situated in Ujong Pasir. In fact, it's about 10 mins drive from Holiday Inn without traffic. And it only opens 5 or 6 pm onwards. Just don't go through Dataran Pahlawan road there around 10 pm. It'll be a hell of a jam. These seafood are done by the Portuguese people (Kristang) themselves.
  7. DawnIntanFarhana

    Sharing of Good Jokes

  8. DawnIntanFarhana

    Anime Sound Tracks

    This is always my favourite anime song and one of my favourite anime as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fdhirjgk-mk
  9. DawnIntanFarhana

    Game of Thrones

    As long as they are making money from the series, there will be more seasons. So...yeah...maybe years if the followers not decreasing or better, increases.
  10. DawnIntanFarhana

    TV shows to recommend

  11. DawnIntanFarhana

    Anime Sound Tracks

    Makes me wanna watch. Looks interesting.
  12. DawnIntanFarhana

    What's Your Favourite Anime Show?

    Why is this topic dead? Hmmm...