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  1. therock

    Let's talk about airport lounges

    Bro for business class sq is it the same lounge ? Showers?
  2. therock

    Let's talk about airport lounges

    Gold lounge at Changi V functional lounge with the basics checked : food decent, lounge chairs and WiFi. No showers and it’s quite crowded but mai hiam right ..
  3. I cannot edit the first post as you know... The info about duration is in the thread - 2 weeks... I'll post some info when I am feet dry again... I'm off again on another flight... work this time..
  4. therock

    What's Your Utility Bill Like and how to reduce it

    Most people are happy with the switch and it’s s good idea to save $$ https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/open-electricity-market-best-retailer-homes-switch-sp-group-12002450?cid=FBcna
  5. Now this is touching too https://www.asiaone.com/asia/taiwanese-man-installed-petcam-check-dog-what-he-saw-broke-his-heart
  6. Bros I hate to be the negative guy here but why aren’t dog lovers worried? even a normal human will suffer if it continues to eat like that. Dogs aren’t meant to eat high salt and oily food either .. sorry guys
  7. I think the Tioga pass won’t be open so close to winter.. do check on conditions follow the Merced river in and pump a full tank first gas is costly if at all available
  8. You can go bro, it's amazing, just don't go down. Hire a chopper for a flight over the canyon, it's very nice. I once stayed in a tent, and a moose poked it's head in to wake me up.. very unforgettable..
  9. Two weeks of laundry 🧺.. and a couple of nights before my next trip 😴 good night all I’ll get down to sharing hotels etc when I’m not so jet lagged ..
  10. Get a life... go on a holiday...
  11. therock

    Mercedes Owners Thread

    Yeah... my bread van managed to start 🙂
  12. LV to GC - take the flight and stay in a lodge by the canyon edge. Dont drive man .. too far and too tiring beware of hiking down the canyon it takes thrice the effort to come up dont go down with kids who then ask you to carry then worse than Brunei bro ..
  13. therock

    Let's talk about airport lounges

    The Polaris lounge is nice and comfy special dining areas but the food selection is limited five beds and there are showers too
  14. Squashed ... drink gulped
  15. 2.88 per gallon in Oregon 4.35 in California usd..