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  1. Noob79

    Recommendations for wall paintings

    go to ho chi minh, lots of paintings well within your budget
  2. haha, thks bro for your compliment
  3. Noob79

    What Did You Makan Today Part 3!

    the durian dessert looks yummy
  4. Noob79

    Yole Yogurt

    sounds good, i might go and try it soon although i always feel yougurt is always so expensive in singapore
  5. Noob79

    NSFW: Jason's TIKO thread part 2

    haha, nice new thread, i will always camp for more updates
  6. Noob79

    Chai Tao Kway, black or white?

    My choice is always white, i do not like my food to come with sauce most of the time...
  7. Noob79

    Yole Yogurt

    anyone try it yet?
  8. lol, me too, but it is just a nick, no harm really done
  9. Noob79

    Managing Emotions

  10. Noob79

    What Did You Makan Today Part 3!

    Love it too, long time never had it though
  11. Noob79

    Crowds form as Gong Cha returns to Singapore

    haha, that will be a tad bitter
  12. Noob79

    Sharing of Good Jokes