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  1. ClesterClarence

    Any Dented Sport Rim repair in Singapore

    How much did it cost?
  2. ClesterClarence


    What tire profile ?
  3. ClesterClarence

    Points for car review

    yah , was stuck with little point ... LOL , was bit hard to comment ,cos of the limit
  4. ClesterClarence

    Random Pics Of Your Car

    My Ride , a humble Civic Type R in Championship White
  5. ClesterClarence

    Solar Film - 3M, CoolnLite, Zen Tint, Vkool

    Im using 3M , its not bad , but a bit pricy cos of its brand.
  6. ClesterClarence

    Points for car review

    It's taking forever to gain points.. how long do u guys take to reach 25points ?? haha .. i am a newbie
  7. ClesterClarence

    Drink Driving Is An Act Of Irresponsibility!

    Drink Driving should be condemned, take a taxi , uber or grab. Just imagine if you lose your loved one because of other driver's irresponsibility, if u don't want it to happen, don't endanger others. Drink responsibly guys.
  8. ClesterClarence

    Buying 2nd hand rims

    Yeah , i used carousell , to buy set of rim b4 , ended up also at that same shop in defu , service is good and price is reason.. paid 16 inch rims with 80 % tyres for under $300 for 1 set.
  9. Im on Akrapovic for my BMW Totally legal installed by ST powered
  10. ClesterClarence

    Blackvue users - please come in AGAIN 2

    I personally recommend BlackVue DR650GW-2CH Its great full HD front and rear HD , must be clear if recording for evidence (i.e. road bully or accident ) steamless @30 fps 24 hours recording accessible from mobile app Easy to use , but it's a bit pricey
  11. ClesterClarence

    Any Dented Sport Rim repair in Singapore

    Price wise ? any idea , cos one of my wheels a bit dented, slight vibrations
  12. ClesterClarence

    Rim recommendation for new harrier

    Toyota Harrier Rays Volk Racing TE37 ULTRA Ultra Matt Blue GM 20" FRONT: 20 x 8.5 REAR: 20 x 8.5
  13. ClesterClarence

    Any Dented Sport Rim repair in Singapore

    Is it expensive ? they use hit and burn or hydraulic press? Roughly whats the waiting time ?
  14. ClesterClarence

    Proud of your RIMS? Post it HERE!

    RAYS ITC rims , made in japan