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  1. Sugimoto

    2019 facelift Honda Shuttle

    Thanks bro for being patient with me! No lah, can see you are acutally quite nice based on your replies & effort, i dun feel any sarcastic from you. There are members even worse out there this forum. Have a nice day too, cheers!
  2. Sugimoto

    2019 facelift Honda Shuttle

    Haha bro, I should be the one asking you this question since you keep on insist that engine start/stop is optional while it is in fact standard on the car. Well, since we already clear the doubts, we shall just chill & relax here. I can see some signs of you losing patient from me. Lets hope bros here can drive home their shuttle asap.
  3. Sugimoto

    2019 facelift Honda Shuttle

    Bro, Pls refer to my question posted eariler as to clear our doubts. I do appreciate your effort to answer our questions posted. As far as i know, only keyless start is not standard while engine auto start/stop is standard for petrol version. Engine auto start/stop & keyless start/entry are 2 diffferent systems.
  4. Sugimoto

    2019 facelift Honda Shuttle

    Do you mean keyless entry & start or engine auto start/stop? Engine Start/stop feature is standard across all petrol engine vehicles to all brands in order to get certified clean emission & fuel saving standard set by Japanese gov. Thats is why PI cars has 1 or 2 small oval stickers on the rear windscreen, there is no way to order 1 unit without this function. Even hybrid version also have start/stop feature to cut off engine if low speed detected. Btw, i am current owner for shuttle petrol version.
  5. Sugimoto

    2019 facelift Honda Shuttle

    Only LED headlights are optional, rear LED tailights are standard across the range. Start/stop is also standard to all G aka petrol model. Honda sensing standard across all for 2019 facelifted model. Some of the info you gave are inacccurate.
  6. Not applicable to this bus company lah, it is privately owned one. This bus is on AC7 cross border route from SG to JB & vice versa, well known for pewing black smoke & dirty lok kok looking buses.
  7. Sugimoto

    2019 facelift Honda Shuttle

    LTA will tell them "Go & fly kites with your kakis" If they give exemption means they are slapping their own mouth for implement VES. 1 exemption case will lead to others asking for exemption case.
  8. Sugimoto

    2019 facelift Honda Shuttle

    Then you will expect those "new" car owners to have 300~500km mileage before handing over. The so called "fine tuning" is just rubbish, it is impossible to tune a car with a stock ECU. Vicom will reject the car for testing if the throttle body or engine is tampered.
  9. Boss, No way to turn side by side with this type of wide flat bed as the last 2 rows of axles will sure eat into another lane even the truck head stay in the lane, the video already showed as example liao. Maybe what you saw is 28ft trailer bed which is much narrower & short to turn, but best way is to give allowance & keep clear of area around the side guard. The side guards is there for a reason.
  10. Outer left lane at main road is closed. Inexperienced truck driver met with a non-awareness porsche driver. When hauling a wide flat bed, every driver in this industry know that we must drive in-between 2 lanes when turning like this one in tampines to prevent cars staying at our sides . Not squeeze in forcing other people to the roadkerb like this truck driver. For the porsche driver, since the truck already turn out to the middle lane on main road which means "lane is blocked, go go go" signal & should step abit more on the accelerator to get far away from the truck. But majority is still truck driver's fault.
  11. A group of bikers travel on BKE peacefully until one of them decided to ki siao & end up self pawned each other. <media>https://www.facebook.com/BehChiaLor/videos/2368608683393707/</media>
  12. Sugimoto

    Share Your Car Fuel Consumption

    CLS350 with 70% highway, 95 Ron 1 tank can get 8km/L
  13. Sugimoto

    2019 facelift Honda Shuttle

    Just cannot stand those PIs smoke you guys with all those excuses. Most likely someone in there are inexperienced & trying to squeeze your new cars for the ves rebate by running the treadmill over & over again hence delaying the registeration.
  14. Sugimoto

    2019 facelift Honda Shuttle

    IU unit is only installed after vehicle is registered because the IU serial no. is tagged with the number plate & only inspection centres are allowed to issue & do this process. If not everyone can just buy 1 blank IU unit & chiong ERP gantries without paying like nobody business liao.
  15. Sugimoto

    2019 facelift Honda Shuttle

    Can see there is IU unit on the windscreen which means this car is registered. Sometime is best to beilieve PI's words 50%, some may cook up with alot excuse just to buy more time to fatten their profit.