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  1. Btw the way, its cement mixer truck. Payload is even heavier than tipper truck, speed limit is lower than 60km/h.
  2. Maybe this CLA180 driver first time own a mercedes, like to press the horn to hear the sound & feel the padded steering cover. You activated his trigger happy mood during turning, so after down the road he will horn anyone at the most available opportunity. Is just that you are unlucky to met him & be his target board.
  3. Sugimoto

    2017 Toyota Corolla Altis new Facelift

    Don't be so personal ah? Haha, those who disagree with your whining you labeled them as car salesmen, so who is the one started it 1st? And dun worry about me, all the members here will know who is wise over here. I shall stop replying you as I think you are not that level yet to debate with me. Have a nice day.
  4. Sugimoto

    2017 Toyota Corolla Altis new Facelift

    If I am the sales director over there & I follow your advice, I will risk myself getting sacked. Sg market is so small & normally those who whine alot are those self-entitled & "kiam siam" singaporean whom always spend the least but want to have the freshest items. If they never get the items they want to their standards, they will keep on complaining & complaining until got 走火入魔. If we are buying clothes in Giordano, we shouldnt "hiam" the sewing rough or buttons not matching the cloth color, like acting to buy Zara clothing. Same goes for owning altis, dun expect like entitled to have Maybach's special individual customer treatment, can customize own car at factory plant.
  5. Sugimoto

    2017 Toyota Corolla Altis new Facelift

    Nice try by degrading your competitors' products repeatedly in order to boost your sales. So you reached your sales target after doing all these tricks?
  6. Sugimoto

    2017 Toyota Corolla Altis new Facelift

    When a view/encountering or complaining is shared excessively across a few threads, it is call whining. (Especially there is no solution on your refusal to accept that your car's trunk cannot be lock) Whining too much is a nuisance. Saying will move on but still keeping to whine is meaningless.
  7. You did see wrongly, the girl didn't apologize to the driver. She just merely tidy her fringe & laughed after successfully dashed out the road without any incident with an oncoming car. Achievement unlocked for her!
  8. Fire in KPE tunnel yesterday, LTA even broadcast their warning msg through our car's radio by intercept the radio frequency.
  9. Sugimoto

    2018 Honda Accord

    Only got 7.3 seconds, where got 6 seconds? Probably his stopwatch is from GM also.
  10. Die die want to cut in ppl's lane without signal on & still want to insist he is right, kenna by hardcore bus driver uncle. Nearly take down a motorcyclist when blocking the bus uncle also.
  11. Sugimoto

    Unusual or Rare Cars - Part 2

    Mercedes sprinter all along very tall one,the stock Fedex sprinter you can see from the picture is even taller than those normal 10 footer truck. Can't imagine if equip with jacked up suspension.
  12. Dun talk so much lah, transform to MAN. Quick, I have a picture for you to scan before you transform🤣🤣
  13. Sugimoto

    2019 facelift Honda Shuttle

    Thanks bro for being patient with me! No lah, can see you are acutally quite nice based on your replies & effort, i dun feel any sarcastic from you. There are members even worse out there this forum. Have a nice day too, cheers!
  14. Sugimoto

    2019 facelift Honda Shuttle

    Haha bro, I should be the one asking you this question since you keep on insist that engine start/stop is optional while it is in fact standard on the car. Well, since we already clear the doubts, we shall just chill & relax here. I can see some signs of you losing patient from me. Lets hope bros here can drive home their shuttle asap.
  15. Sugimoto

    2019 facelift Honda Shuttle

    Bro, Pls refer to my question posted eariler as to clear our doubts. I do appreciate your effort to answer our questions posted. As far as i know, only keyless start is not standard while engine auto start/stop is standard for petrol version. Engine auto start/stop & keyless start/entry are 2 diffferent systems.