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  1. Fcw75

    Home fires more often now due to PMDs?

    Best the PMD explode when the rider is riding it...knn.
  2. Losers are the best because....they have nothing to lose.
  3. Fcw75

    Instant Water Heater

    I don't know what brand you guys are using for shower head but the Hansgrohe I used got a filter at the place where you screw the hose onto it. After cleaning the filter, the water flow became bigger.
  4. Fcw75

    Instant Water Heater

    Ya lo, become drizzle shower head...haha.
  5. Fcw75

    Instant Water Heater

    All these years, I have been using the normal 3 pin plug 13A for water heater until I saw this post. https://www.mycarforum.com/forums/topic/2610837-instant-water-heater/?do=findComment&comment=6547558
  6. Fcw75

    Instant Water Heater

    Thanks bro. u installed the water heater yourself? You use the normal 13A plug or higher amp?
  7. Fcw75

    Instant Water Heater

    Thanks bro. Which model are you using? Does it make a big difference in the water output and is it noisy?
  8. Fcw75

    Instant Water Heater

    Anyone using instant water heater with booster pump? Any brand to recommend?
  9. Did you pass to him a bone? And does he eat straight from the plate with his mouth?
  10. His thinking must be 我烂命一条,来啦!
  11. Fcw75

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    Why so kancheong? Aiyo...
  12. Fcw75

    Taiwan: Kaohsiung

    Bro, u walked out of the MRT station where you are going to take the ferry to Cijin island and you can see a couple of shops renting. Actually they are all about the same. Take my photo and the bike as a reference. No, I ride everywhere including the main roads, side roads, pavement along the beach...haha. Rent before taking the ferry and you can ride onto the ferry. The queue for bikes is much shorter when coming back, compared to pedestrians.
  13. They deserved every single cent that they are paid, after what they have been going thru’. Unlike the paper generals and some ministers here earning millions.