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  1. Mikelcy1963

    Salted egg yolk lobster - any recommendations ?

    Kam Sia
  2. Mikelcy1963

    Salted egg yolk lobster - any recommendations ?

    Well, there are times we don't use our head but our heart (or mouth)... True..surely someplace out there would do this dish right ?
  3. As per title. Did some googling but no leads. Any suggestion ?
  4. Mikelcy1963

    New 2nd Generation Mercedes B Class

    Got my laser shades. If ur car have back camera then no point having the back screen. Did not use the 2 front side windows screen as it affects my visibility at night (safety). The rear ones are ok though. All the shades fits very well. Exactly to the window frame using magnets. Can wind down the windows without having to remove the shades. Seems like no outside solution for alarm.
  5. Mikelcy1963

    New 2nd Generation Mercedes B Class

    Just got my ride a couple of days ago. Any recommended place to install car alarm w/o need for additional remote ? Or must I go back to AD ? Didn't know it doesn't come with alarm :(
  6. Mikelcy1963

    New 2nd Generation Mercedes B Class

    Congrats. My car will be 24/7 unsheltered thus trying to reduce heat trapped by leaving windows slightly ajar.
  7. Mikelcy1963

    New 2nd Generation Mercedes B Class

    My car coming in approx 2 weeks time. Anyone installed side window visors and Lasershades or similar ? Experiences, feedback ? Also, without a spare tyre, what is better ? Stay with the run flats (which are noisy and heavy I read) or change to better normal tyres and invest in a tire repair kit and battery operated pump ? Thanks
  8. Mikelcy1963

    SAF suspends smoke grenade training

    The promotion is not a rumor. It is a fact. It was delayed by a year but he still got it. Is it fair in the face of a NSF death as a safety officer during that time ? Maybe, maybe not. We don't know If the reaction and actions of the safety officer was not disclosed as to why he did not stop more grenades was being thrown (say when the 3rd or 4th was thrown) and what he did or did not do after the grenades were thrown. Or maybe it's a norm actually to throw more than 2 in all previous training and just too bad for the chap. If even such details are considered as national security and deemed as cannot disclose or deemed out of scope of the inquiry, then what's the relevance of such an inquiry I really wonder.
  9. Mikelcy1963

    SAF suspends smoke grenade training

    What goes through the officer's mind when he throws 6 smoke grenades in a confined space ? What was his objective and motive ? If it is a training need, what is it ? The motive determines the adequacy of the punishment. If you know how much smoke one grenade produces, to "need" 6 to effectively simulate a training scenario boggles the mind. if the intention is other than a valid training need, then the motive has to be explained. Cannot count maybe ? :)
  10. Mikelcy1963

    New 2nd Generation Mercedes B Class

    Anyone bought the Lasershades and window visors ? I need them as my car will be 24/7 unsheltered and want to leave the windows ajar a little. "Will be" as still waiting for the car. Got my COE though.
  11. Mikelcy1963

    SAF suspends smoke grenade training

    Summary punishment not revealed and in the end resulted in promotion in a relatively short time. If this is leadership and justice, I don't know what to say...
  12. Mikelcy1963

    New Cruze 1.4T

    High percentage of gearbox issues in the previous 1.6 Cruze. Part of the problem is rapid wear of the ATF. Drain the ATF at 20k km and you will see how bad the ATF has become. ATF used is already the highest grade (GM Dexron VI). Could be inherent overheating. Not sure if it is fixed in the 1.4T
  13. Mikelcy1963

    C.E.V.S. rebates.

    ARF is 100% for 1st $20k of OMV 140% for next $30k of OMV 180% for next $50k of OMV PARF rebate (9-10yr) = (50% of ARF) - CEVS rebate So for cars with low OMV and "qualify" for upfront CEVS rebate, at the 10th year the scarp value (PARF) is also very low. Am amazed how they come out with all these tax and rebate structures. I think only in SG is like that.
  14. Mikelcy1963

    New 2nd Generation Mercedes B Class

    How is the roof insulation of the B180 ? Is it quiet enough during heavy rain ? In all my past and present rides (non Conti), I added roof insulation as cannot tahan the sound.
  15. Mikelcy1963

    What jobs available after retirement ?

    Need to pledge hdb if not hitting min sum ? Or is that only for cases when hdb not paid up ?