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  1. Lotr8445r

    COE Bidding – 1st Round of April 2019

    Some folk that pay full cash upfront believe that they are smarter & richer? I just feel that none is superior to the other. No time like those folk that pay upfront to calculate this & that, just to see which method is more gain to them.
  2. Lotr8445r

    Is it alright to pay more for the Toyota brand?

    Since when does korea brand are 1 notch below japanese? Donkey years ago or compare with Lexus? Just like sumsang & LG TV, are they still below the Japanese brand now? Last time police wear short. Why prefer to compare last time?
  3. Lotr8445r

    COE Bidding – 2nd Round of March 2019

    When? Give us a target date for tracking please. Dont let us wait until cow come home
  4. Lotr8445r

    COE Bidding – 2nd Round of March 2019

    40k coe still not high?
  5. Lotr8445r

    COE Bidding – 1st Round of March 2019

    Any idea when lta going to start the satellite systems? Many has being talking about implemetion, include my previous SE say will start at 2018. This way probably have a great impact to the coe cost
  6. Lotr8445r

    COE Bidding – 1st Round of March 2019

    Hopefully current price will stay for another 2 yrs so that i no need to rush to change my ride before warrantly over
  7. Lotr8445r

    COE Bidding – 1st Round of March 2019

    Few years back initially say by 2018. Then change to by mid of 2019. Now extend to Sep19? How long more will it be extend? Why not forever?
  8. Pardon me, in which of my post claiming that economic is doing well? All i mention is there is no or insignificant correlation between economic vs coe price unless proven with data. I dont need your suppliers or subcons to tell me as i have managed more than 100s of them inclusive worldwide. Btw, they also say enconmic not good like u but still change new cars.
  9. What i am referring is something like what Lotr has post earlier. I am not sure how to join all the link u have posted into the trend for visulization. Picture/graph speak a thousand of words. See link below: https://www.mycarforum.com/uploads/monthly_01_2019/post-824-0-88054400-1548564220.png
  10. Some balless guy give me a dislike by commenting need to be realist. Isn’t my post earlier,highlight above on requesting data/ graph to support one’s assumption is all about realistic?Only those un realistic folk keep humping every now and then on enconmic is not doing well. Since when does enconmic doing well ever come out from these folk mouth?
  11. $2 coe is due to assignable cause. Anything that is not the norm should be discarded in the equation. All you have provided is the PQP rate that is correspond to the coe quota. what does it got to do with the economic sentiment?. Maybe a graph or data on the ecnonmic sentiment can confirm your hypothesis.
  12. What you have provided is just a period but not a consolidation of many period/years against coe price trend. How can us, layman, able to visualize coe price is proportional to economic sentiment tend then? Btw, past few years ago, hearsay economic (oil & gas industries crisis) very bad. Does that reflect the coe price is much lower than now?
  13. No graph no talk. Pls show graph on market sentiment vs coe price. If not, ppls can conclude u are making a 2 cent comment which can be ignored. Ty
  14. Lotr8445r

    COE Bidding – 1st Round of March 2019

    I view differently. Typically those who hog the road are that think they own the road are those cheaper cars like coe cars, commercial vehicles. When come to beat the redlight, they are also the champion. They can be infront of u but not the other way round, even the redlight. I wonder could it be Probably due to their inferior complexity.
  15. Lotr8445r

    A New Chapter - Skoda Singapore

    The interior also play a part. Comparing 3 ppls sitting at rear to see their difference You do a search on the net and it show that 1.5L kodiaq user is having issue with the new engine which is supposed to replace the 1.4L engine I read from someone here in the forum commenting that 7 seater addition $500 on insurance. That is why i decided to wait for their 5 seater suv which is the koraq as i dont need 7 seater. Turn out that it is not valid after i request for quote. Infact the insurance is slightly cheaper due to 1.4L vs 1.5L.