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  1. Fitmugen

    Singapore Motorshow 9 - 12 Jan 2020

    Signed up just to post this hahaha. Hello BMW salesman!
  2. Fitmugen

    A5 sportback vs Stinger vs XE

    Wah lao eh. All these $20 freebies cannot be the reason why you buy a $150k car leh. But with Singaporeans you’ll never know. I always see rich uncles and aunties reading newspaper and drinking free coffee at UOB and DBS preferred banking branches, not as if their homes got no chair. There is something about free stuff that makes people shiok
  3. Fitmugen

    A5 sportback vs Stinger vs XE

    to be fair, the A5 is not an entry model junk car like A3 or CLA. I would say Audi is very clever to insert A5 as a sporty sedan that appeals to the successful corporate executive type. It sure looks better than C180 and 3-series. With that budget, I would definitely say Skoda Superb. Anyone driving that comes across as someone with individuality and confidence. You’ll never see a road hogging auntie driving a Superb, unlike the big 3 German makes
  4. Fitmugen

    A5 sportback vs Stinger vs XE

    I think everyone goes through the cheap conti badge conscious phase, myself included. Most likely in your late 30s. Mine was a BMW X1. Rubbish car to be honest. Nowadays, the top sellers are the conti makes. Even C-Class is so common, so I wonder what is the snob appeal. So if I were to advise, it would be to buy a car that is powerful yet comfortable, something which you look forward to driving everyday, rather than a car which you think can impress others.
  5. Fitmugen

    A5 sportback vs Stinger vs XE

    Agree fully bro. It’s like going to a fancy restaurant and you can only afford vegetables vs going neighborhood cze char and eat seafood. Both cost the same but some people prefer the former and tell people they are vegetarian
  6. Fitmugen

    2018 Nissan Serena e-POWER

    The novelty of a new car’s looks wears off after max 3 months. Unless you own a Pagani Zonda, whatever you have can be found on the roads also. Practicality and comfort takes over eventually
  7. Fitmugen

    2018 Nissan Serena e-POWER

    Boxy cars like Serena, Toyota Noah and Alphard don’t look good for sure. But once you own one and get used to the tremendous space inside the car, you won’t want to sit in a smaller car. We used to own a Noah and higher end 7-seater SUV. End up drive Noah all the time when the family goes out together
  8. Fitmugen

    2018 Nissan Serena e-POWER

    No lah. Cannot afford....the maintenance
  9. Fitmugen

    2018 Nissan Serena e-POWER

    Bro, AD of course must earn more than PI mah, more staff to feed. Somemore got 10 year bao jiak battery warranty. By the way, from personal experience, Noah is more fuel efficient than this new Serena, by about 1km/l. But power wise Noah really much weaker. That’s why my wife say change car.
  10. Fitmugen

    2018 Nissan Serena e-POWER

    The charging sound goes away after driving for two minutes. its $136,800 now. Maybe can bargain a bit? Personal view. Serena will kill Odyssey sales. Triplets about 8k cheaper so may still have takers. Stepwagon was rare anyway. this Small MPV market is really ripe for the taking. The 216 Gran Tourers bought 3 years ago should be breaking down around now. Serena is well placed to benefit.
  11. Cat A: 32k Cat B: 39k
  12. Fitmugen

    2018 Nissan Serena e-POWER

    Now $133,800. VES banding revised to A2
  13. Seriously, world economy has little bearing on COE demand one. The rich are not affected and the 100% loan people won’t care also. COE will roughly follow 10 year cycle. Next surge to $50k will be mid 2020 onwards
  14. Fitmugen

    Audi 9.9 sale

    A3 is a hopeless car. First drove it in US as a replacement car during servicing. Felt like the car was going to break apart when going through the rough roads. Seriously anyone thinking of A3 should just get the Skoda Superb.
  15. Fitmugen

    Question on Transfer of Car Ownership

    If I am not wrong, seller go into system first to fill up buyer details. After that, buyer go into system to fill up insurance details and pay transfer fee. After that the transfer is complete