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  1. Ash2017

    Sharing of Good Lobang Sale

    Assuming that McDonald do NOT lose money. 1 for 1 deal may reveal that the breakeven is less than 50% the price of the item. Then again, they are not going to just breakeven for 40 days. So the breakeven must still be lower than 50%. Anybody interested in starting a burger shop?
  2. Bro are you local or not 7th month, you don't see does not mean seats are empty
  3. Ash2017

    Is Singapore General Election Round The Corners ?

    1. Peer pressure - people are "wired" to can't wait to show success by the ONLY yardstick society is familiar with ..... Money and Material Things (eg diamond encrusted coffin). 2. Today many don't believe in killing themselves to protect their future or because they don't believe they can work hard to live like T2 and play on have-nots trying to haolian. 3. Some go to the extreme and live life at or below the poverty line but can live like Enye with $700K because they are mentally wired to accumulate wealth. I don't believe there is a right or wrong because it depends on what you believe and what you can live with but at the end you have to answer to yourself I believe some here are more than high net worth individuals while a few may be living from hand to mouth. At the of the day, a. the grass is always greener the other side; b. your decision affect your future with consequences sometimes with vengeance; c. life is NEVER Fair; d. Be grateful for what you have; e. it doesn't matter - as long as if you should die today you can say I have no regrets PS: I wondered 7th months over but why some or at least one more is still around. Recently the AWOL fellow send me whispers. Basket.
  4. Ash2017

    Do you believe in the Supernatural?

    I complain to MP Lee BW then you die. She would train her surveillance camera on you. So you admit, you were the one who drives to Yishun then take lift to the highest floor then throw I comprain....... PS: Damn difficult to catch your attention.
  5. I want to cry because it reminded me of Radx and ......
  6. please specify what type of chicken in descending order thank you
  7. Ash2017

    Alamak bo tai bo ji kenna summon meh?

    I had a few times when post-man came to my place to pay for postage because a letter sent without stamp. we paid for it, found that it was from property agent with promotional letter inside unless is a careless mistake, even then, do you trust such an agent
  8. Ash2017

    NS Square to replace The Float @ Marina Bay

    keep building and keep demolishing so much money to spend meh
  9. Ash2017

    What's Your Utility Bill Like and how to reduce it

    I cannot under why we need to pay charges e.g. for 6 toilets even when 1 is literally converted to storeroom. On top of that there is the GST tax.
  10. Ash2017

    Start review of caning in schools

    I cant agree more but there are some exceptions look at yourself, your school teacher since primary until secondary beat you until you out of shape still like that some, lets just say, no hope ok ok when it is the first warning coming
  11. what about us Singaporeans we cant even want to help ourselves
  12. instead of causing bodily injuries, they are stimulating the economy, generate more work means more jobs and increase internal consumption with more repolacement needed.
  13. Ash2017

    Do you believe in the Supernatural?

    just because we cant explain at the moment we assume it is supernatural if that is the case then we are not better than our ancestors just be patient and let science explain otherwise we will just be scaring ourselves silly
  14. Ash2017

    Do you believe in the Supernatural?

    You lucky because every time I visit MCF I keep getting this weird feeling that an undertaker is watching me ......