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  1. Ash2017

    Do you trust the police?

    why would anybody ask if we trust the police? In any organization there are a few black sheep but that does not mean everyone is bad we go get a few deviant priest but that does not mean the religion is bad, so is about the suicide bombers but that does not mean again the religion is bad generally, if you a criminal do you expect the police to treat like some guest in a 6 star hotel and be given wet and hot towels to clean your hands to put the hand-cuffs on you if you a law abiding citizens, the police don't bother you and you don't both them if you a volunteer eg auxiliary police, they may treat you a bit like buddy buddy feel realistic and meeting your expectations technology is available you can buy a in-car camera to capture video of those who drew turtles on your car honestly it would be very very difficult to locate the offender without going through CSI then again if everyone got a small scratch or a tiny knock make police report and demanding the police to locate the offender, we may need a few hundred thousands of police working in this tiny island sometimes small issues or being disadvantage just accept your bad luck and move on why make yourself unhappy already the offender happy to cause you trouble and you become unhappy makes the offender even more happy give you an example moderator (specific roach catcher) ban a nice MCF member repeatedly because moderator jealous cannot re-incarnate to have more legs than the nice MCF member for that if the nice MCF member become angry, he or she would only make the moderator reach NIVARNA. So why provide free pleasure right. another eg people buy expensive watches with high unreasonable markup, they literally feel proud paying such price because can show-off element but these same people would kpkb about the market seller who sold him or her, a few grams short proper perspective is needed
  2. you so smart maybe you should call CE or Police chief and reminded them the definition of terrorist
  3. have you heard of one country two system best you go library read up about extradition law in Singapore and Hong Kong. Its individuals like you who know abit but act like you are world leading expert in this issue. sometimes it baffles me when individuals try to out do each other showing whose opinion is right. if so smart we would have had identified you for our customary tea party
  4. Singaporean first policy WOULD NOT BENEFIT Singapore I wondered if there is any country in world who have sane / thinking citizens who voted these individuals to take care of them? Singaporeans Boleh
  5. Ash2017

    Senoko Energy in Trouble?

    Angcheek did you page for me I am in between making breakfast for your good friend, BanCoe
  6. Ash2017

    Lasik Eye Surgery

    sorry to hear that i think boeing or airbus are glad you did not sign up for pilot position maybe you want to see an eye specialist just to be safe
  7. Ash2017

    Lasik Eye Surgery

    my advice depends according to Tianmo - lazy eye improved with watching porn according to Radx - normal eye improves with watching roaches crawl but on a serious note: I discourage you because you only got 1 good eye, lasik is not without its risk and complications there is a percentage that does not improve in fact as you get older your short sighted ness should improve with age or stabilised
  8. I am puzzled by a few here who are so against China and her people to the point of harming or wishing harm to their country and people HK administration is in part, part of China so in that case, why do they not protect the protestors who are outright against China
  9. have you ever ask yourself why here in Singapore we do not have an extradition law with Indonesia despite Indonesia being seeking an agreement for the longest time
  10. what about ourselves aren't we roaches too we do nothing about it and point fingers at others we keep pumping money in CPF and allowed taxes to increase to be "mismanaged in our investments" Loses reported by foreign established media but seldom by our local media aren't we the same, funding a roach fund at the expense of the rest of the citizens
  11. Ash2017

    Pharmacy purchases in Malaysia

    basket don't have to announce to newbie leh like that how to act BIG like T2 here like that I have to retreat from this thread and wait for another newbie basket you owe me one
  12. This pedestrian don't know how to die he must have never surf MCF before or never registered if his attitude like and do in MCF, long time banned already
  13. Philipkee logic got some problem I want to help to explain but maybe another day but for starters when the British were around the HK leader was a Brit now you think China is silent, if so why does the HK CE keeps in consultation with the Central Government in China, why does the President of China comes out to say he is in support of CE's decision
  14. the kids no doubt are "playing with fire" that may cost lives BUT they do teach us a thing or two they are fighting for something they believe in and they believe they are fighting on behalf of the rest of the Hong Kong (don't be quick to comment unless you go read about the situation since 1997 and the basic law) in Singapore, we only kpkb and yet individuals here call them gutless and ball-less we are about to have our mothers, sisters and aunties to be sent overseas as maids, yet we act like nothing is happening
  15. probably they play too much computer games