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  1. Ash2017

    Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak: SG 7 Cases Confirmed

    How does he know when the rest of the medical community is still in the dark? Already there are 80 plus deaths in China. He better ask my colleague to stop talking and do something seriously. Minister of Health and DPM said government with the cooperation of citzenship can stop this. How citizen cooperate when there are not enough mask going around and some selling N95 for 200 plus.
  2. Ash2017

    Progress Singapore Party by Tan Cheng Bock

    I find it baffling that there are so many or majority here not exactly friendly to my party but yet we keep getting 70 plus percent of the votes. I suspect many who critise here a lot but ultimately voted for us. Please kindly identify yourself, there are chicken rice and bryani for you. All these shouting and all, I believe will make no difference, my party will continue to win the majority pants down. I am highly suspicious that wp may lost their seats given their feeble attempt to proof they were not in the wrong. Even when we did policies that are not favourable they mentioned but no fighting it out in Parliament. Hence, they are our ally and not enemy as perceived. Sorry to disappoint. SDP can try but as long as CSJ still take the lead, they are going no where. The smaller parties are just distractions and nobody really take them seriously. Lim Tean is a joke who acts and think he is going to be the next PM and already appoint shadow ministers from his party. Goh Meng Seng is an alright guy but some of his thoughts seem like he forget to take his medication. PSP if TCB stand in an SMC he will win hands down but that depends on who he is up against. If in a GRC I am not sure because the rest would just be riding on his coat tail. Actually, I hope someone can have the balls to stand against me. I wish someone can do a George Yeo on. I know many of you dislike me but this is my day job and I have to perform to keep my position. You know how many are waiting for me to get kicked out to take over my place. Sigh, it seems we are going to win big again and I am eventually going to be deputy PM.
  3. Not for long So many gentlemen want to know you Don't include Tianmo
  4. basket doc your use of flowery language until my backside open flower can give chance a not ok ok I now understand chicken rice and bryani may not be to your taste, OK this year (secret likely this year), I make special arrangements for you murtabak, ok ok kee chiu for me ok don't forget
  5. friend you think I born yesterday I can read between the lines basket you lie low to upgrade your poisonous skills from blatant to subtle anyway you want to kee chiu with me and / or for me for you drumstick chicken rice, bryani - all mutton / chicken / vegetarian also can i see the corona virus very active, your business must shoot up to the roof, btw are you into bio-engineering? everytime I notice you go silent mode, something like this happens
  6. Basket after so much discussion, I finally realized you guys are mainly talking about me give chance can I have excess stock of chicken rice and byrani packets sometimes I wondered what is behind all these questions?
  7. that is the great difference between the founding fathers and the current generation of leaders
  8. your generosity is frightening my hemorrhoids all came back
  9. walau a small comment also kena terkan by engineer I agree with you completely if you had 4, I am sure you would not have time for MCF
  10. Bro please do give chance can? I still want to go to Cebu for holiday. Thank you.
  11. It double confirms that engineers are always bloody meticulous. You seem suitable for our party. Please check your letterbox for invitation to a tea-party. hint: one of the requirements is your ability to dish out chicken rice or byrani packets.
  12. The drop in numbers from 2018-2019 does it include those who convert to PR and citizens
  13. Somethings are worth preserving Just because you can't afford to pay for a new lolex does that meant it is OK to offer your arse. Where we are today in terms of population is because largely policies in the past got wrong eg stop at two. Current policies are neither conducive either. Aging population and low replacement is going to be a world problem. We are attracting lots of crap at the expense of local born. Your forefathers sacrificed their lives so we can have a better tomorrow and not a better tomorrow for foreigners in our country. We recognize the problem at hand low birth rate. It's like climate change. Since we are armed to the teeth why not invade Malaysia and live on Gentng. No problem we have big brother USA backing us and we are good at giving excuses. My boy it is you who don't seem to understand the fear, disruption and etc that the local born Singaporeans are facing.
  14. Curious nobody is frustrated by the fact that not just non local born Singaporeans are entering Parliament but also not serving NS, worse they are dictating what we can and cannot do. Punish those local born Singaporeans who spent more time overseas than in Singapore who wish not to do NS with jail terms. Refused to all male Singaporeans to denounce their citzenship when they reached their teens. But new citzenship themselves were not needed to do NS. Authorities insist local born even PES E must do NS even if it is only a table wiping job. The rational is because we do not have enough boys. I am very sure nobody is against FTs but they should be allowed in to fill positions we don't have the expertize or nobody wants to do. The worse is those on the ground knows exactly what is happening but authorities are convincing them otherwise.
  15. Ash2017

    What did the pig do to deserve this?

    No my point is we have too few people championing the voiceless.