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  1. Will the profit be recognized in June-Sep quarterly result? Hurry buy capitaland stock.
  2. What are the trying to build in the east of Pasir Gudang? I noticed some factories showing up in google map in the industrial park at Tajung Langsat?
  3. Will water storage facility behind Bedok Court add or remove value of a condo next to it? Since it is too small to call a park and can be noisy when water flows into it during rainy days. I can see usually the reservior is empty, what happens to the water once it's filled after a rain, will it cause odor like those in mangrove swamps during drying?
  4. Is the Aviation Park MRT going to connect to the passenger terminals? I notice it's cargo complex that's next to that station, and will that make the Cross Island line less viable for rental to employees working at the airport?
  5. How to find out thw 99LH is genuine 99LH or the type carved out of FH land? I was told the latter has less or no prospect of good enbloc but the former has some, theoretically.
  6. Thank you. I am not buying anyway. Just to enrich my knowledge. When I look at the transactions of Affinity, I notice the first 120 transactions seem to have an average price of 10% above the remaining transactions. How can one explain that? https://www.srx.com.sg/condo/affinity-at-serangoon-82692/last-transacted-prices
  7. Thank you. Now I know that balcony can hinder the light. From the solid lines arround master bedroom, does it mean there is no window? Or the window may be on the north side?
  8. The location is so nice. It's on a hill, away from road noise, and north-east wind comes every winter. And it's facing private enclave on the west. I am thinking whether it's allowed to hack a door to allow BR2 direct access to the Bath 2? Based on the floor plan, what are the type of walls which can be hacked? Is it technically possible to move the wall between Living and Balcony north to convert half of the big balcony to living area?
  9. What are the three large shopping malls a few minutes from Waterview and Q Bay? I heard some sales person telling me that but can't remember where. And what are the growth prospect of that row of condos? With the latest MRT stations not near that place, it seems quite ulu and it's a 20 minutes walk from TP West.
  10. golden_eagle

    Toufu dreg construction

    modular design shall improve quality right?
  11. Will see it pull down index by 0.01% this year. still, what are those two curves? are those side lines?
  12. What are the two detour above Katong and Parade? https://www.channelnewsasia.com/image/11094058/0x0/545/353/c0ec4ba17076d93e4db0f926fa2a5b2/Uq/tel-map-featuring-founders--memorial.jpg