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  1. Ccssgm

    Credit Card question

    CIMB credit cards give 100K credit limit if you earn 10k per month (10X)
  2. Ccssgm

    Credit Card question

    Different Bank Different Credit Limit Unless same bank is Same credit limit if u holding 2-3 cards
  3. Ccssgm

    Your favorite turtle soup eatery

    Jalan Bersah Hawker centre a few stall selling turtle soup I refer the 1 at the corner
  4. Ccssgm

    CIMB Credit Card

    Note :Finance charge in the form of Cash Advance interest of 24% p.a., subject to a minimum S$2.50, will be calculated on a daily basis and levied on the amount withdrawn from the withdrawal date until full payment is made
  5. Ccssgm

    CIMB Credit Card

    No need 30k, If he make 10k a month, Credit limit already 100K CIMB WORLD MasterCard credit limit is minimum 10 X your monthly salary
  6. Ccssgm

    CIMB Credit Card

    Somemore Get rewarded with 0.5% cash rebate on all local spend, and 1% cash rebate on all foreign
  7. Ccssgm

    CIMB Credit Card

    I'm not promoting the cards I jus to Share Good Stuff to MCForumer
  8. Ccssgm

    CIMB Credit Card

    Rbs also state *The bank reserves the right to suspend or terminate card accounts not active through any Card Transactions over a period of 12 months.
  9. Ccssgm

    CIMB Credit Card

    Maybank E Platinum RBS switch Platium CIMB Platinum All are Annual fees FREE
  10. Ccssgm

    Govt no support for filial piety

    wait GE coming They sure Help U
  11. Ccssgm

    CIMB Credit Card

    In Singapore only 2 branch Wilkie Edge Branch and Raffles Place Branch
  12. Ccssgm

    CIMB Credit Card

    In Malaysia ,This bank quite famous Foremly known as Southern Bank
  13. New Credit Card Freedom for Life With No Annual Fees Experience year after year of financial freedom – without joining or annual fees, ever. Credit Limit No limit is too high for the discerning. With the highest credit limit of up to 4X your monthly salary; the freedom of acquiring what you desire is within easy reach.