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  1. Any honourable member wish to take this up further with CCS?
  2. I did not draw any conclusion. I made the point that non disclosure made people assumed the worst.
  3. Thank you. I understand why CCS think this way towards Pritam. But why wind30 too? I thought it is too hasty to jump into that bad politics conclusion. Anyway the numbers are out. https://www.straitstimes.com/politics/majority-of-new-jobs-created-go-to-singaporeans-and-will-continue-to-do-so-chan-chun-sing?xtor=CS3-17&utm_source=STSmartphone&utm_medium=share&utm_term=2020-01-16+18%3A06%3A40 Like I mentioned earlier, the trend is important so this forms the baseline for the coming years. Just hope CCS continue to disclose and better still breakdown by sectors so we know the upskill and reskill initiaives are bearing fruit. Local for the top job once occupied by foreigners.👍
  4. From all your "if" statements, I am curious how you conclude Pritam was engaging in bad politics?
  5. We citizens are so emotional, narrow minded, easily inflamed, uneducated that we must be protected from the data. People who questioned are either misinformed or have an agenda. It's human nature we kick the ladder down when we have reached the top. That's why some industries are so niche that they claim only employ people with experience and specialised skillsets. Eg Governing Singapore is so complex that only PAP is qualified and have more 50 years of experience. Opposition? Nah, they can't even managed a Town council. Have we thought about how PAP started? As an opposition. LoL.
  6. Got. No. 3 Do you have a better solution? Seriously, I would think a lion share goes to SPR for their relevant skill sets that the current market requires. But I would like to see a decreasing share by SPR vis a vis citizen over the years. Otherwise it would mean those retraining schemes have failed and need recalibration at least. By releasing the data, Govt has every opportunity to explain if this is a problem, if sowhat they expect to do. If not, they can come down hard on WP for drive ng a wedge to our society. Now do I have a solution.? No I don't. Should I shut up. No, no, no.
  7. TangoCharlie

    Exercising and losing weight

    The context is important as I mentioned watching in plane. Next time I take tianmo air, you can be sure I meant small cinema. Wahaha. Reminds me of a secondary classmate who invited classmates home to watch video. Wrote in Chinese compo as 小电影,and teacher and class had a good laugh.😄
  8. When govt does not provide answers to such questions...people naturally assumed the worst. How much is the reserves? Cannot tell lest currency attacked by manipulators. People will think, oh no, govt must be bankrupt. How much is temasek ceo paid? Don't kaypoh. People will think must be bee tunk, 10-20 mil is it? What's the split? You driving a wedge to the society. People will think must be most jobs go to SPR. All these wild speculations are untrue of course.
  9. TangoCharlie

    Exercising and losing weight

    Small cinema is 小荧幕 not 小电影。Lol
  10. TangoCharlie

    Exercising and losing weight

    Watch small cinema in plane counted or not?😅
  11. Their numbers in recent years were not alarming iirc. have to keep an eye on whether govt turn on the tap again.
  12. It is telling why penalties have been made harsher.... Harsher penalties for companies whose hiring practices discriminate against Singaporeans https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/penalties-companies-discriminate-against-singaporeans-hiring-12261678
  13. TangoCharlie

    Exercising and losing weight

    I hardly lift weights, most I do is pull ups....no.5 low volume low effort. 😅