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  1. mistergoh

    2014 Honda Odyssey

    Hi, bumping up. wondering if there are any recommendation?
  2. mistergoh

    VW reveals the new 2019 Touareg

    Pricelist is out from agent. Start from 294k.. interesting pricing but specs look good, 335 horse.
  3. mistergoh

    Audi Q5 2017

    i encountered the same as you last month when i was there. it has been a month since she followed up with me. totally see me no up.
  4. mistergoh

    2019 Audi Q8

    Priced very very close to Q7 3.0. was at PA to take a look when they parked side by side with Q7. Doesnt appeal to me at least. At around 370k thereabout, there are a lot of options for buyers. If after few years want to offload this car, prepare to lose a lot a lot.
  5. mistergoh

    Mercedes GLC

    Yah quite stiff. At this price range, selection quite a lot.
  6. mistergoh

    Audi Q5 2017

    Maybe also q5 did not go through a new generation after do many years? Singaporean novelty factor i guess?
  7. mistergoh

    Mercedes GLC

    Around 200k for the 250 SUV. But is the old FL.
  8. mistergoh

    2018/19 G05 BMW X5 (4th Generation)

    Price is published by pml. 370k plus. Huge price tag. Either OT gao gao or PML huat huat to the bank.
  9. mistergoh

    2020 Lexus LM350 / LM300h

    Hong Kong, JDM and China should have a bigger market... in SG, we will just be seeing some badged up Alphard
  10. mistergoh

    2020 Mercedes-Benz Maybach GLS 600 (X167)

    why the nostril so big?
  11. mistergoh

    Good proper car wash service!

    Looking for a good car wash at around Leng Kee... Any recommendations?
  12. mistergoh

    Parallel Importers: Recommended ones/ones to avoid

    think is those dealers who have ready stock... ready to hand over once loans approved.
  13. mistergoh

    Any Tire Shine to recommend??

    i used the one from Amway https://www.qoo10.sg/item/AMWAY-INSTANT-TYRE-SHINE-350G/605606172?jaehuid=2026058764&__currency=SGD&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI8fi_hOL74AIVgQ4rCh3UAwS5EAYYASABEgLcmfD_BwE
  14. mistergoh

    Good proper car wash service!

    bump up this thread... any good one around Bt Merah?
  15. mistergoh

    2018 / 2019 7th Generation Lexus ES

    Do u happen to know the sell price today?