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  1. yup can use cimb... best deal is BOC unionpay, after station's 26% plus another 23% cashback... too bad not cap at 30 and need spend 600, so end of the day need to weight.... very shiok i pump 84 only pay 55 hhehehehe
  2. compro_1975

    Esso discount voucher

    This time is station closure, so the station for renovation should be on the way soon.... dun worry.... those ph driver sure gave the kiosk a bad time...
  3. compro_1975

    Esso discount voucher

    Well, phd are out to hunt again.... got one uncle wear Air Force, still go ask if he pump $60 can get 2.... or if he pump 80 can get 3? The cashier already told him each pump min 30 get one... but the Uncle keep asking... zzzz
  4. compro_1975

    Esso discount voucher

    the one beside the sch or beside the hotel?
  5. compro_1975

    Petrol Price Movement in Singapore

    any shell vouchers giving out ar? badly needing it now...
  6. compro_1975

    TP on roadside catching speeding offenders

    crap govt...purposely slow traffic and increase erp fees
  7. How u guy renew to suck the most value out of the payment? previous citi pm card now cui already
  8. compro_1975

    Caltex & SPC Fuel Voucher Giveaway (Oct18)

    looking for shell, anyone?
  9. compro_1975

    Petrol Price Movement in Singapore

    you think pap will listen meh? blame us for not being as daring as the french....
  10. my take is that the petrol is lesser efficient compare to shell.....
  11. compro_1975

    IU cover - good or bad

    these days still got people smash ws?
  12. Currently I see is till 31 Jan 19 lolx, haven really fully test.....
  13. ok most updated news cos i went down and transacted. 18% discount upfront, be it cash or any cc... if you are using OCBC card then 20%, if u have 365 card even better 24% but u must spend $800 before u get the 4% cash back... only thing puzzles me is will i get the additional 4%+5% cashback as stated here 'Cashback on fuel spend at all other petrol service stations' or just 4% if 4% then bo hua already
  14. So nobody can confirm the fuel is same as shell?