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  1. I'm a little surprised at the rebound. There is a possibility that some car buyers sign up for new cars and push up the COE as they feel that taking public transport is not so safe.
  2. SCDF will be very busy when we have a lot of electric cars around. Electric Porsche Taycan catches fire while parked overnight in garage, company confirms https://www.cnbc.com/2020/02/18/electric-porsche-taycan-catches-fire-in-garage-company-confirms.html
  3. A full scale implementation needs a few years. However, it is likely that roll out will be progressive from 2020. During the transition phase drivers might need to have a gantry-ERP unit and a GPS-ERP unit together. https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/lta-trial-satellite-based-erp-number-plate-recognition-systems
  4. This is very cheap compared to a normal petrol car that cost 3x for a full fuel tank. It makes financial sense for landed property owners to use their own electricity at less than $0.20/kWh to charge their cars. The higher demand for electricity from the transport sector will drive up the electricity tariffs for other users.
  5. All the petrol stations in Singapore will face more challenges going forward since it is not practical to charge the electric cars at existing petrol stations. The owners are more likely to charge them overnight in the car park. The electric vehicle fires are also very difficult to put out, so do expect more fiery crashes when we have more electric vehicles zipping around.
  6. Notice the contractor blocked a very long stretch of the middle lane when the actual work was done only at a small portion at the end. This prevented drivers from changing lane when they are either in lane 1 or 3 towards the junction.
  7. Mercedes' fault for panicking and making last minute lane change.
  8. My guess: Cat A and B down by about $1-2k. There could be people switching over to personal cars rather than PHV and bus/MRT to support the COE.
  9. If you zoom into the LTA statistics, for Cat A 5-year renewals are typically double of 10-year renewals. The reverse is true for Cat B. For Cat A cars, I agree that majority are meant to be used as PHVs. For Cat B cars it is more due to the high PARF forfeit, it makes more sense to go for 10-year renewal. Since COE has dropped again and the economy is weak, 2020 could see another wave of renewals.
  10. The ADs and PIs will have a lot fewer cars to sell in the next few years. Car workshops on the other hand might see better business with more old cars on the road.
  11. Number of cars with renewed COEs hit high of 41,777 SINGAPORE - The tendency for people to keep their cars beyond 10 years has grown stronger. Last year, the number of certificate of entitlement (COE) revalidations hit a new high of 41,777 - 12.6 per cent higher than the previous record of 37,114 in 2018. The number is estimated to represent more than half of the cohort of cars which turned 10 last year. ... https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/number-of-cars-with-renewed-coes-hit-high-of-41777
  12. awhtc

    Car air-con

    If the workshop can zoom into a specific part, then it might be just < $500 including labour and parts. $1-2k might be for changing the entire system, which could be worthwhile since the car is already ageing and if you have the budget.
  13. awhtc

    Car air-con

    It might be the condenser leaking, which is a common problem for ageing cars.
  14. This stretch looks like Pasir Gudang Highway in Johor. The driver should have suffered a lot of injuries. The Malaysian truck drivers in Johor (and in Singapore) are normally very reckless and they drive like a king on the road and at traffic junctions. Hence, it is always better to drive more carefully and slowly when you are near them.