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  1. LTA/TP has to enforce important flouting of traffic rules more stringently e.g. landed property owners illegally reserving and parking on the public road.

    At HDB estate, even parking for a few minutes in loading/unloading bay attracts a big fine and owners have to pay for their parking at designated residential lots.

  2. 4 hours ago, keechiu said:

    This is the much awaited post on my purchase journey of the Mercedes Benz w204 C180k, avantgarde 2010 model, 5 previous owners, 120,000km mileage. I would like to thank many of you who have given me advice on the threads and also via private messaging. 


    I've been researching on buying cars for about 2 years on fb, carousell, sgcarmart, ucars and other forums before I started browsing mycarforum in October 2020. The plan was to buy a 5 year renewed COE car such as Lancer EX or Civic 1.6/1.8. Budget was $35k to $40k. I met 2 dealers from 2 different dealerships. Spoke to both for about 2-3 hours each. Both told me not to buy Lancer EX or Civic 1.6/1.8 because both were known to be problematic cars. I was told by both to either buy a 5 year COE vios or cerato instead. Both also told me to consider increasing my budget cos it made financial sense to get 10 year COE car instead of a 5 year COE and also to consider looking at continental cars. Only one went further and  suggested a COE mercedes cos its a reliable machine. After the meetup with these dealers, I didn't think much about buying a car and entered a 'cooling period'.


    Late one night few weeks later I saw a merc c180 listing on carousell. i liked the listing so i msged the dealer. he was prompt and detailed in his replies. I met him a few days later and saw the car. He gave me a tour of the car and answered my queries satisfactorily. We went back to his office and we discussed the important details such as price, warranty, what the previous owner had done for the car with proof of receipts etc, next steps if I do go ahead with the purchase of the car etc. 

    Why did I pay the deposit for the car?   

    I) the dealer had good reviews on his carousell account. I was comfortable with him and my intuition told me to trust him. He also did not charge admin fee. He provided a 6 months warranty. As you read on, you will see that he is indeed a reliable dealer who kept his word. 

    2) the previous owner had sent his car to Elite Car Ventures for servicing and repair/replacement works. I saw the company's logo on the receipt when the dealer showed me proof of works done by the previous owner. I was somewhat pleased because I knew about Elite Car Ventures about a year ago on fb and they had about 300++ positive reviews.

    3) After the dealer had explained to me the breakdown etc, I asked for 15 minutes to go out and make a few calls. I called my wife to update her on what had transpired so far. I then called a friend who has been buying continental cars all his life and messaged 3 strangers on carousell who had bought mercedes from other dealers who replied me immediately. All of them said to proceed with the deal however they asked me if can get a further discount given that there were already 5 previous owners and that the  mileage was 120,000km.

    4) the dealer gave me a good discount off the listed selling price.

    5) his insurance quote was also the lowest among the other companies.

    Mistakes I made

    1) I viewed the car in the basement carpark of the building which was dimly lit and did not drive out of the premises for a test drive. I only drove a few rounds in the carpark itself.

    2) I did not negotiate for an in-car camera and android headunit to be included in the sale price of the car

    3) I did not arrange for the car to be sent to a workshop for a pre-purchase inspection.  

    Terms of the purchase agreement

    1) $2000 to be paid upfront as deposit.

    2) The deposit will be returned if the STA report comes back with anything other than Grade B. 

    Problems with the car

    1) on the day that I collected the car while driving back, the engine light came on. I contacted the dealer and he asked me to send to his preferred workshop. Turns out the valve compressor was dirty and they cleaned it up. The engine light still came on few days later and the dealer replaced the valve compressor at no cost to me. 

    2) the in-car camera which I purchased from the dealer is an iroad x5. It doesn't have a screen so I wouldn't know if its recording or not. A couple of times, the camera prompted that there was no memory card inside but actually there was already one inside. 



    Based on the STA report, there were 4 minor problems with the car so naturally I got a quote from Elite Car Ventures for the repairs since the previous owner also sent the car to them. They gave me a reasonable quote so I decided to engage them for the repair works. They also charge $118 for each servicing so I will go to them too.

    If I could do it all over again, what are the steps I should have taken? (first time buyers, please take note of the following).

    1) view the car in a place where there is natural light/daytime and drive out onto the main road, expressway etc.

    2) negotiate with the dealer to have an in-car camera with a screen to be installed instead of iroad cameras which doesn't have a screen.

    3) if possible, negotiate with the dealer to throw in an android headunit. 

    4) car to be sent to a workshop for pre-purchase inspection so that I know I won't be buying a lemon. Elite Car Ventures charges $50 for this inspection and with 300++ positive google reviews, I don't think it's bad idea to get them to do the pre-purchase inspection.

    Future plans for the car. (if anyone got good lobang, please let me know).

    1) change to c63 bodykit. either paint or wrap the car

    2) paint the brake calipers ( wondering if there is a need to change the brake kits. any advice?) 

    3) install fibre optic and ambient lighting

    4) replace stock speakers with something better

    5) install android headunit 


    I was fortunate that the dealer is a reliable person who did not sell me a lemon or ditch me when the engine light came on. However it could have turned out for the worse had it been some crappy dealer that we often read horror experiences about in forums, on fb, word of mouth etc. But I too made mistakes as mentioned above so if it did turn out for the worse then I also should shoulder part of the blame. I hope that my post will assist future first time buyers to not imitate what I've done. The ramifications can be quite devastating emotionally and of course financially. 

    What is missing in your story is whether the COE car has 5 or 10 year COE. 

    My experience that makes my COE Vios feel new again at a budget of around $1,700 with highest impact on top.

    1. A fresh coat of paint that also helps to remove minor dents: $800+

    2. Repair of seats and door panels leather: $200+

    3. New head unit and reverse camera: $300+

    4. A smart dash front+back camera with screen: $200+

    5. A new set of carpet: $50+

    I spent another $4k+ over next 2 years to change of wear and tear mechanical parts (e.g. engine mountings and wheel bearings) and full servicing (e.g. spark plugs and air-con compressor oil).  For Mercedes, it should cost a lot more.  You need to save up for these additional expensive repairs as ageing parts eventually will need replacement.

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  3. 11 hours ago, Lotr said:

    We are just at the start of the COE supply drought.  Based on 10 years cycle, COE was the highest around 2012 and 2013.

    The only hope for higher supply is the expiring 5 years COE renewals AND assuming these owners switch to other modes of transport.


    PHVs are coming in to replace their COE cars as well over the next 1-2 years. 

  4. On 11/28/2020 at 6:07 PM, blonkizas said:

    It the samething with petroleum right? In the event that you stuck on traffic with low on fuel you will stall out and about while the gas station miles away. Truly ev takes ages to energize, the speediest in 30mins. At the point when you driving an ev u need to design your excursion. You can't simply get up 1 morning and extravagant some faint entirety in Melaka. The reason for ev is for city short driving not for long excursion right now. Except if you can discover level 3 charger all over.

    I can imagine those staying at landed or commercial properties with their own charging points selling electricity to EV drivers.

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  5. If 2nd hand cars demand is so good, new cars demand will be even higher.

    Note that a lot of people made money from the US stock market in recent months and PHV car rental companies have to start stocking up new cars.

    These factors add upward pressure to the COE prices.

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  6. Usually, after a puncture, I will immediately drive slowly to a nearest petrol kiosk to pump up the tire.  Thereafter, I will drive to a car workshop that uses the worm plug to fix the puncture at $10.  The worm plug kit is rather cheap but I guess one will need certain technique and tools to remove the tire to find the nail, fix the leak and put the tire back and pump it up.


  7. 14 hours ago, mikk123 said:

    don't say LTA never do anything hor. Cisco officer are deployed right at the side of the road, those PMD can see them from miles away and they turn back. I guess more importantly they want to show the public that LTA got do something lah. can't say LTA never do anything, effective or not, never mind lah. 

    It will be easier to licence anything that have wheels and the CCTV should be able to pick up these errant PMDs.

    Nowadays CCTVs are used to pickup illegal parking and other road offences on the road in Singapore.

    The key is licensing and clearer set of framework since Singapore is getting congested.

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  8. 1 hour ago, Atonchia said:

    Sentosa speed limit there too slow already 50km/hr......

    They pedal hard enough at downslope will reach that in few seconds. 

    That kind d of speed might as well ban all cars too like they ban motorcycles. 

    There were spectacular crashes of ultra expensive cars on these roads before the speed limits were imposed.

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  9. 13 hours ago, Tohto said:

    This exit is almost like a 360deg turn. Likely the car going too fast on the wet road with almost bald or lousy tyre.

    Driver had enter bend too fast and brake middle of it.

    To stand in front of the car is very dangerous. 

    The new CTE-Seletar roads in both directions have quite sharp curves. Below them the CTE-SLE roads can be quite dangerous too.

    Drivers new to these roads and new drivers are likely to be caught off guard when entering these curves beyond 80 km/hour.

  10. 7 hours ago, Lethalstrike said:

    Singapore is too densely packed, and there is an attitude problem with the errant PMD riders.  They used to ignore PMDs until the problem got out of hand with the start of the gig economy, and more and more PMDs zooming around causing accidents with pedestrians. 

    The way I see it, unless bicycles start crashing into pedestrians, I think the authorities will still choose to ignore the problem. Seriously, all it takes is to spare the manpower and effort over some weekend mornings targeting a particular group of errand roadies will ensure a better outcome for everyone in the end. They had to do this consistently to set the mindset and tone to use the roads right for this group of riders, and enforce the punishments accordingly. Come on, if they can stake out cameras on overhead bridges consistently, they can stake out to catch them red handed. 

    If all else fails, then set legislation such as licensing etc, getting rigid with rules as the last resort for bicycles. 



    There are heavy fines for a speeding car driver i.e. revenue to sustain the enforcement. You can't fine a cyclist much.

    I see a lot more PMDs on pavements and pedestrian crossings now. After the earlier big show, there is hardly any enforcement now. 

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  11. 23 minutes ago, Volvobrick said:

    Oberigood for the van using right lane. If he had been on the second lane he would not have hit the barrier. 

    Malaysia-plate vans and pickups like to zoom above 100 km/h on the first lane.  It always amazes me that TP and LTA do not catch them.

  12. Cycling is a healthy and fun activity. To minimise wastage of resources building additional tracks for cycling, LTA should just make the rules clearer for these road users.

    I see this bicycle issue going the way of PMDs where public calls for rules were ignored by LTA until very bad accidents happened and drastic rules were suddenly enforced.

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  13. 9 hours ago, Lotr said:

    Cat A or B COE transferable?

    It should be doable between 3-6 months but with an additional levy.  Forfeiting $10k is a lot of money, so it is probably better to work out a solution with the existing car dealer e.g. either waiting for the car delivery or a COE transfer arrangement to another car buyer.

  14. 1 hour ago, FrancisTan_162983 said:

    I have got a Cat.B COE. Got thru a dealer but due to some issue. Deal did not went thru with a bidded COE. What can I do since I have got a new car that comes with a COE. Any advice? Appreciate. 

    COE should be under your name.  You can sell it if the COE price goes up.