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yishunite have made 3 car reviews, 2 merchant reviews, and 2 product reviews.
yishunite have made 3 car reviews, 2 merchant reviews, and 2 product reviews.
car reviews (3)
  • Best car under $100k
  • Bought the Kia Cerato SX then waited a long 4 months for them to clear the prelaunch backlog but boy was it worth it... The interior is unbeatable in this price class both in design and quality. Exterior is unique and in my opinion statement making. It has elements of Jaguar, Mustang, Audi and of course the Kia Stinger all of which are beautiful cars. Yes it is not the
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  • Dream MPV
  • The Grand Scenic is one of the nicest looking MPVs around, and has great fuel economy to boot. The driver will feel a bit like flying a plane with such great visibility in front. The moonroof is a great idea to have peace of mind (no leakages) but so huge it's something like aircon cabriolet experience Driving was comfortable, though it is a bit slow to pick up at low s
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merchant reviews (2)
  • Aestmod Auto LLP
  • Installed 9" Android HU on my Kia Cerato. Super service with very knowledgeable boss who is willing to discuss and even test out various options with me. Best is his after sales service and continuous support which I think is the most important factor for those deciding whether to try ownself installation or cheap China units.
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  • Pitstop Tyres Pte Ltd
  • Years ago, my friends used to swear by Pitstop and I would just nod my head politely as I wasn't really into tyre and rims detail. But recently I decided to finally take the plunge, but not knowing much, went to Pitstop to enquire. Was blown away with their (both Edmund and Anna's) attention to detail and knowledge.

    Most importantly, very transparent pricing and
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product reviews (2)
  • TSW Nurburgring Rotary Forged
  • Installed 17x8j and I still can't stand how good it looks... Definitely made the car feel a lot more premium all by itself.
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  • Yokohama BluEarth-A AE50
  • I have driven about 20k km on my Toyota Vios, and have really enjoyed the better FC since changing. Older Vios aren't really known for good FC but at least you can get much closer to manufacturer specs. The treads so far look to be in decent condition and wear is not high.
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