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  1. tonychuacl

    2019 12th Gen Toyota Corolla Sedan

    Strange indeed. Hopefully they do bring in hybrid version when officially launch.
  2. tonychuacl

    2019 12th Gen Toyota Corolla Sedan

    BM not bringing any hybrid version here as i have already asked the sales guy who attended to me. Strange 🤔
  3. tonychuacl

    2019 12th Gen Toyota Corolla Sedan

    They will be officially launch in Jan 2020. Those saw on the road are the 100 units they brought in for their loyal customers (by invitation letters only). They managed to sell near 80%, now left with white and silver color with 1k discount. Other color like grey, dark brown and black needed to wait for next shipment in Mar 2020. The salesman allow me to test drive inside level 4 car service area, can only drive like turtle, how to fully test out?
  4. tonychuacl

    2019 12th Gen Toyota Corolla Sedan

    Hmm.. the sales guy didn't mention ACC at all, not too sure whether come with it. I am ok with the handbrake actually. However with a car close to 100k, and only come with a super tiny head unit with thick black border, no Apple car play & Android auto, not to mention that the car loan is only up to 60% due to higher ARF. I would rather look at other cars.
  5. tonychuacl

    2019 12th Gen Toyota Corolla Sedan

    Was invited to view the new altis yesterday at BM Ubi, they hide their new altis at 4th level. Standard (93k) - Haloegen headlight, no safety sense active safety features. Elegant (98k) - LED headlight, Pre-Collision Safety, Lane Departure Warning with Steering Assistant, Auto High-Beam and Blindspot Monitoring System but still using old school handbrake with no electronic parking and auto hold. No Apple Carplay and Android Auto. (Quite disappointed 😞) Now left only white and silver with immediate delivery. Others colors need to wait till new shipment around next year March. Btw, they are launching this new altis next year Jan.
  6. tonychuacl

    2019 12th Gen Toyota Corolla Sedan

    another new altis on the road...
  7. tonychuacl

    Why more people are renewing COE?

    is all about $$$, LTA encourage owner to renew 10 years instead of 5 years so that they have more $$$ to spend first.
  8. tonychuacl

    2019 12th Gen Toyota Corolla Sedan

    New Altis will be launching this Dec 2019, was told by the sales personal at Ubi.
  9. tonychuacl

    Car kena Scratched

  10. tonychuacl

    Car kena Scratched

    my old car cam Itronics ITB-100HD is faulty, can't power up. Becos my old car left 1 year, and might be changing to new car so didn't bother to get a new car cam. i am not so heart pain about getting scratched, just don't understand these joker mindset.
  11. tonychuacl

    Car kena Scratched

    My old Gen 10 Altis also kenna deep scratched on the bonnet while parked at Pasir Ris Food Centre carpark few months ago. The car park was quite empty with many lots that day and i didn't offend any one, can't believe such thing happened even on my old car. Really lots of losers outside...
  12. tonychuacl

    Hyundai Avante 1.6A Maintenance Cost

  13. tonychuacl

    Audio Shop Recommendation

    Can anyone recommend me an freelance installer? My right front speaker cracking when there is bass... don't dare to go to those audio shop, worry that i might get carrot.