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  1. Ender

    Exercising and losing weight

  2. Ender

    Marathons in Singapore

    Runners collection their race pack next week, I read from the sgRunners forum there will be a booth collecting old shoes, t-shirt and old medals for recycling. We can do our littler part. http://www.sgrunners.com/forum/index.php?/topic/23574-standard-chartered-singapore-marathon-2019-29-nov-1-dec-fri-sun/page/13/&tab=comments#comment-537968
  3. Ender

    Exercising and losing weight

    Received my ON Whey Protein today. Got a ON Windbreaker and Bag as free gifts. My daughter says the Chocolate whey taste like watery milo. She is fine with the taste. I am still drinking my old MuscleTech Whey though.
  4. Ender

    What Did You Makan Today PT 6

    What dish is this? Looks salty and ho jiak.
  5. Ender

    Exercising and losing weight

    Wah, look at the lungs of a chained smoker for 30 years. Doctor rejected them for donation. Video footage in the link. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/horrific-state-tar-blackened-lungs-20907133
  6. :I think these lazy students are highly reliant on the delivery riders, especially those stay in to so call study one.
  7. As long it separate pedestrian and motorised rides, I am fine. Just have to add features if they fall off the roof, they don't land on a pedestrian.
  8. Interesting article for our children to read. They are not aware we had a refugee camp before. https://sg.yahoo.com/news/refugee-camp-in-singapore-local-volunteers-viet-refugees-yearn-to-reconnect-155447006.htm
  9. The bike lane we have here cmi. They are just side by side with the foot path. No separation and no strict regulation for pedestrian and cyclist to stay in their lane. Pedestrians will cross over to cycling lane and vice versa. The type of cycling lane needed has to have very clear separation.
  10. How come Hong Kong ISIS didn't come and terrorise these PLA for cleaning up the streets? But when Auntie and uncle tried to clean up the streets they throw brick at their elders, and killing a 70 years old in the process.
  11. But SDU is called 飛虎隊 wor. Check the Wikipedia link I posted. Now the elite anti riot unit from prison also call 飛虎隊. Confuse man.
  12. Howcome flying tiger is from prison unit one? From the movie, I thought is SDU, that deal with terrorist one, like our SOF. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special_Duties_Unit
  13. Ender

    Exercising and losing weight

    Ya, she is like me , slim. But checking the HPB website, her underweight is consider severe. 26.9KG of a height 140cm. Malnutritions level liao. My whey for Lazada still haven't shipped out yet. Quite anxious get her started on the protein supplement for weight gaining. She carries a water bottle when we go outing. I am thinking to start off by replacing her water bottle with Whey shake. So she don't have to finish it in one go.
  14. Ender

    11.11 and Black Friday Loot 2019

    Screen cleaning kit $90?
  15. I said before, all riders are errant. Even those who slowed down when there are pedestrian. They will pick up speed above the approve limit once they clear the crowd. But at this higher speed, it will limit their reaction time should there be a child who don't follow the code of conduct recommended by the useless AMAP. The responsible careful majority of riders is a myth.