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  1. Matix

    Any one know about the new Infiniti Q50

    Just called her... unfortunately, 150K really cannot get liao. So the sales at Expo is indeed genuine. Just called her... unfortunately, 150K really cannot get liao. So the sales at Expo is indeed genuine.
  2. Despite all the expensive advertisments in F1 in the Renault cars, I have no idea where to buy Total Lub. Maybe got to hop over to JB to buy?
  3. Matix

    In Car Vehicle Recorder Part 2

    how much?
  4. Most luxurious models can't make it. But wondering which cars are close to the 20K mark and avoids the new ARF tax?
  5. Matix

    Where to buy wide range meguiar's products

    Does it make sense to buy in Malaysia? I suppose it is about the same price with import duty? Going to Jusco tomorrow...
  6. Thanks! I have contacted Kelvin of erevmotors. Silicon wiper blade refills done in 10 mins. He even offered to come to my place. Very satisfied with the clean swipes of the wiper now.
  7. Anyone knows where to buy? Seems to find only Japanese ones everyone...
  8. Matix

    New ford focus

    Anyone know where to buy Ford Focus windscreen wiper?
  9. Matix

    Scrap Car?

    Excuse me if this has been posted somewhere else.. I have a April 05 Hyundai Accent to sell. Is there something like from 1st Sept that we can scrap our own car? Or is it still worth it to look for a buyer?
  10. Matix

    COE - 2008 June 2nd bidding exercise

    Someone mention that PI accept individual's COE to book cars? Is it worth it to get own COE ? Does PI penalize one for getting their own COE. I know with AD, it is no need to talk...
  11. I am thinking of bidding for an auction car. Some of the cars, although quite new, has intensive smell in the interior. I am not sure if it is cigarette smell. Are there anyone providing service to get rid of this smell? I think it is too much to ask for new car smell... :)
  12. Matix

    Toyota Allion

    Does this Allion comes with the new Corolla engine, which the new Corolla does not have. I mean, do you know what I mean....
  13. Reported in Straits Times today 2.5L S$98,000 2.0l S$86,000 That is a whopping difference! (e.g. compare Cefiro 2.0 and 2.3...) I am curious the newspaper report is pitting this car against BMW 320 and Lexus IS250, not the usual Camry, Accord and Cefiro.
  14. Matix

    Nissan Cefiro JK or Sylphy 2.0?

    This is above budget. Have to get things back to perspective. Came here thinking of JK or the Sylphy 2.0, now thinking of a JM!! Really nobody has anything good to say about the Sylphy 2.0?