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  1. Ralliart_ray

    Pioneer AVH-X8850BT

    U can text Jeff @ ‭91eight2 99one4‬ , or u can go back to whomever that installl ur HU?
  2. Ralliart_ray

    Pioneer AVH-X8850BT

    Not too exp, I did mine for $15 (booster) works great now
  3. Just to update, I sold my Golf GTI red (4drs) at 3.5k body to direct exporter.
  4. Ralliart_ray

    Pioneer AVH-X8850BT

    U can install a booster, which I did.
  5. DSG gearbox oil changed since Nov'16 Pirelli Cinturato P7changed since Dec'16 Driveshaft re-cond since Apr'17 New battery since Apr'17 New rubber seal engine since Aug'17 brake pad front left 30% back 70% (last check) Always parked under shelter @ home I am looking for Crossroad to renew COE (expanding family). Anyone has lobang? Some photos to share:
  6. I am looking for Crossroad to renew COE (expanding family). Anyone has lobang? Will like to offload my GOLF GTI MK5 6DSG PARF ELIGIBILITY EXPIRY DATE: 28 MAY 2018 PARF REBATE: $15,637 OPEN MARKET VALUE: $31,274 MILEAGE: 210,000 KM Gearbox no problem, very good looking red golf My Asking Computation: $15,637 + $2,000 (BODY) + ($8xx x 9mths) = $25,000
  7. Anyone getting riding of their Honda Crossroad????
  8. Ralliart_ray

    Nissan QashQai 2014 Part 2

    $180, i did mine at sinming
  9. TnG got exxpire date? if didnt until for 12months will turn inactive mah? (and have to reactivate?)
  10. Looking for car that can drive at least for 12months upon transaction (I want to clock whole year of NCD) Depreciation ard 8k is OK. PM me. Thanks. Looking to transact in Oct.
  11. Maybe he meant, after you text him for his price.....you will get "high"
  12. Ralliart_ray

    Car Insurance Refund

    highly doubt you will get 10% NCD next month