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  1. I don't even want my kid to finish his education here. Will send him off to UK/US for his degree so that he can find jobs outside of Singapore. Fight as FT in other countries. Why come back to fight the losing battle with the FTs on home ground?
  2. Why developed countries like sweden do not have low birthrate issues? Is it because of race? Because of geographical issues like water we drink? No. It's government policies and how these policies have been focused on growing gdp at the expense of nurturing generations of Singaporean who are pro children and family. Everything needs a balance but unfortunately our government is only good at quick fix solutions like opening immigration flood gates and FT/PR to grow the gdp but yet worsen Singaporean from wanting bigger families. Do we want chicken rice at hawker centres, food court or restaurants?
  3. Why so scared of the truth? 😁 When one needs to set up POFMA, fix the opponents, hide the data.... What I see is a serious case of political insecurities.... I imagine Kim Jong UN will have similar concerns... 😂
  4. I beg to differ and much like alot of others in this forum: We the citizens don't need a set of data to tell us how much more we have to spend on a plate of mee siam mai hum, how much more effort we need to watch how we spend our relatively stagnant salary, how often our salaries are depressed by "foreign talent alternatives", how much more ERP and petrol we have to pay, how much more crowded on the roads and public transport despite all that extra costs, how much we feel an outsider in our own country that we serve with our blood and sweat. Fan envy and sway votes? What envy? Aint this Singapore the last I check? If the specific set of data can set SINGAPOREANS envying PR (Citizens of other countries)... Something is seriously wrong. And this wrong needs to be corrected at the next GE.
  5. As an internationally recognised nanny state... Our people has absolute conviction that there is no way our dear government do not have the said data. That is why the question was "Can we have the data?" rather than "Do you have the data?" Now you get the point of the question? 😁
  6. Vratenza

    Ban employers from asking about previous salaries

    In large companies like MNCs and listed companies, the last drawn payslip is just a formality for the hiring manager to laugh over vs the budget set for the role. I have seen very out of the world last drawn salary payslip and in the end the offer that comes out of HR still has to go through internal equity pegged to seniority. Take it or leave it. SMEs different story.... The director/CEO can decide to pay $5-10k/mth to his mistress as his PA on his whims.
  7. For the government to be honest with us and themselves. Not to hide behind manipulated analysis. Face the problem and reform policies that are wrong. For us to decide if the government is doing enough to keep them in position during the next GE. I feel they are more worried about the latter.
  8. 😂If and when IRAS ask me to submit my business book keeping account for auditing, I will tell them " I have the data, but let me ask you.. What is the point of the question?" What do you think? 😁
  9. Vratenza

    Removing very old sticky residue

    3M sticker remover works well. Spray it on, leave it to soak for a bit, top up the spray after 10min to let it soak all the way thru. Test it on an unseen varnished area of the door first.
  10. There are data and there are data analysis. Give us the raw data and we analyse and interpret for ourselves. What the MIW is hinting to us commoners, is that we are too dumb to intepret the data on our own.
  11. This time law minister make no statement? Means, he agree fully with the decision. Means, the cabinet is fully with the decision. Means, the government backed this decision. Means 70% voted for this. So every should just go mind their hdb upgrading issue and keep out of this.
  12. LTA's fault...for allowing idiotic PHV drivers on the road without proper vocational training.
  13. It is not the actual figures that matters. It is the obvious massaging of data (or lack of) presented that begs the more discerning among us to ask question on what are you trying to hide just to shore up your votes?
  14. Vratenza

    Price hike for Netflix services in Singapore!

    I am anti people who use poor people as excuse to buff the common pool used to pay their own salary.