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  1. Just because Indo declare that they have zero cases, our own suspect case definition remains targeted at China and now SK. It is Indo's own perogative in how they manage their own healthcare but they have a responsibility to the rest of the international community that they are not the source of continued community seeding when we are wide open to visitors from Indo. We are literally sitting ducks.
  2. So........ this is an incentive for buying EV or a disincentive? Going green is just lip service for the garmen.period.
  3. Vratenza

    Your loot of the day

    Base on your requirement, creative outlier shld be the best bang for buck for your needs.... Battery life very good and very good price for the performance. The jabra is more than 2x the price and the additional improvement may not be with 2x what you paid for. I remembered I have no problem lasting 3-4hrs on a flight to Japan while watching downloaded netflix drama on my android phone. And it can last even longer... Just that I have to stop because landing Liao.... Once you put it back into the casing, it will start charging (the case supposed to have additional 2 charges at least)
  4. Temperature screener did not wear PPE.....such is the power of the divine...
  5. Vratenza

    Your loot of the day

    Still testing, but so far I find it better. The thing that irritates me about creative outliers is the case design, i cannot just plonk the buds into the charging "seats" and just close...i have to push down and wriggle the buds to make sure that the buds are connected properly despite the magnetic holder (individual blue lights at the end of the case) before I slight them close. If not connected properly, the buds do not recharge and you realize that your device is still connected to the ear buds and you do not get any sound notifications. It gets better after I wipe down the contacts with alcohol swabs...but still occasionally you have to just doubcheck. This jabra case design is much better, very low profile, the buds just plonk and held down nicely, the red flashing lights on the buds themselves tells you that it is successfully disconnected from your device and is charging. the cover close nicely with a magnetic clasp and doesn't open up even if held upside down and shaking. sound quality and connection quality is just slightly better than creative outliers. the app is pretty decent and you are able to set noise pass through and the EQ you prefer. on paper and from youtube reviews, seem like this battery life is above average, about 6hr per charge. For comparison on the size difference...
  6. I have personally seen patients without fever eventually tested positive.
  7. Vratenza

    Your loot of the day

    My loot of the day.. From Lazada.... Now still in process of updating the firmware.
  8. She probably was too sick to make an appointment at the A&E....just my gut feel....😂
  9. It's nothing personal. The same human with same upbringing, education and intelligence, one planted in civil service and one planted in private sector, you will get a different work attitude and decision making process after 10 years. The difference between a military officer planning a paper war and an MNC CEO planning a hostile take over is this: - Whether the paper war is won or lost, he still gets to keep is job and wait for next promotion and bonus. - if the hostile tale over of the company fails, the CEO's head is on the chopping board. So the amount checking and double checking to make sure all things run smoothly is paramount to his survival. So everything the officer do is to make sure he does just enough and probably that bit more to get his better grading but never stupid enough to stick his head out to rock the boat so to speak. If a private entity CEO rest on his laurels year in and out, he will not be CEO for long. I have witnessed it myself in my NSF/NSman role in the ops and planning of brigade level equivalent in the navy....I am just count my lucky stars that I did not sign-on during my impressionable post-JC youth. I reiterate, it is nothing personal when I say that it is the civil service culture and output that most people are complaining about and not the human being in that role.
  10. Clinical diagnosis just means no testing done. As long as it is respiratory symptoms, they assume it to be COVID-19 unless proven otherwise.
  11. Sorry, but with all the paranoid hoarding seen the last 1 week.... Those details will be used to increase the workload of frontline doctors. Already we have to entertain queries about whether one has covid-19 because he/she had been to the mall that had a clinic that sent off a suspect case.
  12. I am glad Cambodia has a heart but more than that I hope Cambodia have the resources and know how to screen, quarantine if necessary to handle it. Last thing I will want to see is Cambodia's poor people being dragged into something that the govt is incapable if judging or handle. Being willing and being capable may be tougher than it looks.
  13. Why not Indonesia? Am sure onc e they clear through Indo customs they will be virus-free.
  14. All this BCP is all nice, good and shiny on the paper for non-health care businesses to flash about. Alternate supply chains, duplicate management teams. Nobody actually addresses the elephant in the room for continuity problem faced by the healthcare sector right in the frontline of any major epidemics/disasters. Any solutions to create redundancies in the system to address the problems faced? if one GP clinic is infected, just close the clinic to disinfect and the single lone GP.clinic assistant goes on 14 days quarantine.... so whose problem is that? if one polyclinic is infected, close the polyclinic to disinfect and quarantine the 10 doctors/20nurses for 14 days and a magical team comes in to take over?