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  1. Must ask the seller.... It says "easy to install and remove" worrh...
  2. Cheap cheap... Looks easy to diy Ebike Throttle modification kit
  3. Vratenza

    Do you trust the police?

    In order to prevent corruption and maintain integrity, we must pay these police officer very well. Not I say one.
  4. Vratenza

    Do you trust the police?

    Why no photo of the "handsome" culprit? Gag order? Rationale?
  5. It is not beyond the roaches to masquerade as first aiders and reporters just to get out of answering for their rioting actions.
  6. And fixing oppo is their all time fave past time.... 😁
  7. I agree... The more radicalised they are, the more they will self preserve as they believe they can contribute more towards the cause than the underlings. Just look at how long it takes for Osama bin laden to be found.
  8. Amazing... CCP can predict the future.... 😁
  9. Desperate attempt to keep up the bravado....
  10. Damn....... If I have my way, I'll put all those arrested in shackles and chains, send them around HK to clear up the mess they made. Maybe can reduce their sentence by 1mth. I'll be nice.... I can let them wear their beloved face mask while they work.
  11. Wonder why the shouts for HKPF to pay blood debt with blood noise all died down to not even a whimper?
  12. From this angle... Sure still look like roaches..... 😁
  13. I think is good initiative... Every minute saved is a potential life saved. But problem is..... Taxi drivers uncles themselves are the ones with highest risk of a cardiac arrest... So who save them? 😓
  14. In videos, whenever one cockroaches gets arrested, the people around keep asking what is his/her name until the the roach answers them loudly...... Think is to make sure the arrested are accounted for and not disappear into some labour camp.... Now with thousand arrested in a single day.. Wonder how they keep track... 😁