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  1. LinusLoh_1967

    Comments on Mazda CX5

    Hi, J Just kinda adding on to this thread after being somewhat dormant for a while.... So I went to look see and test drive the CX5 premium couple days ago. Interiorly, pretty premium indeed. Fittings look and feel good. Just the centre screen looks kinda small. Ok, test drove. But the SE only took me on a v short and simple route around Ubi...not enough to tell v much unfortunately. But I do quite like it, handling wise and comfort wise. A bit bothersome was the tyre roar even at low speeds. Back to the screen, not sure if it was my deteriorating eyesight but I could not see the images and lines v clearly haha! In any case, it has left a good impression. Cyber week sales on and price looks good. Warranty was told to be 3 years, and need to top up to 5 (but limited to engine, gearbox??). SE claims the car is v reliable though... Any views? Sharing? Thanks!
  2. LinusLoh_1967

    COE Bidding – 1st Round of October 2019

    Sorry, just wondering. I noticed got some expired coe's, how come? Thought all should be used? Cat a & b less but cat e more lol!
  3. LinusLoh_1967

    Seat Ateca

    Wah! Excellent deal you've got!
  4. LinusLoh_1967

    Seat Ateca

    Got the COE?
  5. LinusLoh_1967

    Seat Ateca

    Great, congrats! You must have spent quite a bit of effort. If you have time, can share your car buying process?
  6. LinusLoh_1967

    Cars@Expo Oct 2019

  7. LinusLoh_1967

    Cars@Expo Oct 2019

    PSLE parents all kena PTSD by the math paper, no mood to buy car liao
  8. LinusLoh_1967

    Cars@Expo Oct 2019

    I also hope! But think unlikely next couple rounds. Hence, this weekend might be crucial. Lol!
  9. LinusLoh_1967

    Cars@Expo Oct 2019

    Looks like it's just you and me bro! Lol!
  10. LinusLoh_1967

    Cars@Expo Oct 2019

    Anyone interested at all? Looks like dealers trying quite hard to fish for customers...lol!
  11. LinusLoh_1967

    MAZDA 6

    The cyber week event cars going at pretty nice price, I think. Mz 6 exec 109888! Think someone was asking about this some days back
  12. LinusLoh_1967

    A New Chapter - Skoda Singapore

  13. LinusLoh_1967

    A New Chapter - Skoda Singapore

    Hi! Where you see this page? I go skoda website not like this...
  14. LinusLoh_1967

    COE Bidding – 2nd Round of September 2019

    Makes sense...this
  15. LinusLoh_1967

    COE Bidding – 2nd Round of September 2019

    Actually, I quite agree with Roger this time....lol!