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  1. maxsee333

    Inconsistency in monthly electricity billing

    Been using Tuas power, bill is 25% lower than last time. 😚
  2. maxsee333

    Movie Releases - 2019

    Watched Ne Zha over the weekend. Definitely one of the best animation movie around, lots of jokes, actions and best of all, you get to learn the moral values such as no one shape ur future except urself. Though i have to say, movie is best appreciated by those with a good command of chinese. I pity those who need to read thru the english translation, simply cannot capture the essence of the movie itself.
  3. Children should definitly not be allow to sue their parents for university education. Parents should at least provide education up till either JC or Polytechnic. But beyond that, it should be at the discretion of the parents. Even in the west, kids are suppose to take study loans to fund their own universities studies. University studies aren't cheap and unless u graduate from the good ones. Having a degree from the crap universities are as good as not having one. 🙄
  4. maxsee333

    Women Almost Got Killed at Little India MRT

    I have actually seen a few ang mos rush thru the train doors and got clamp between the door a few times before. Dunno whats wrong with them, maybe their culture or...😸
  5. maxsee333

    Toddler dies at Jewel Changi Airport

    I think what the parents did was right. Frankly speaking, no one knows exactly what happens in the store. Everyone is just speculating here and there on social media. It might be the parent's fault and it might be the store's fault. Best to let the law decide.
  6. Dun mind me saying, but u do know that hong kong is part of china right? So there is nothing wrong if hong kong is eventually wipe off from world map. Hong kong is but a province of china just like shenzhen, shanghai...etc. The people from hong kong need to understand that there is no such things as democracy in a communist setting. Having this imprint into their head earlier is better than a sudden change when 50 years is up. If they are unable to accept a communist setting, best to migrate elsewhere. PS : I dun support communist, but i do support cold hard facts.
  7. Dun think it is even remotely possible for the CCP to take full control of HK by acquiring back the land from the HK tycoons. The tycoons are going to sell the lands back to CCP at astronomical prices. Then how are they going to build houses and sell back the land to the general public. HK is but a small part of China, there is no reason to burn the state's coffer coz of this. They also can't force the tycoons to sell back the lands coz they are acquired thru legitimate means. Doing so would undermine the trust of doing bizness in HK. This problem has existed way back before the handing over of HK in 1997. It is just that the CCP are unlucky enough to take over HK in such a manner. They basically have their hands tie now. If not for the fact that the average HK people are living in such tiny houses with pent up anger escalating to an ANGER eruption. Dun think this riot would even exists.
  8. maxsee333

    Lying ex-wife to be and custody

    Frankly speaking, i doubt crowdfunding will works...coz this is a one sided story from your end. None of us knows ur wife or knows the whole story. And it is impossible to verify anything that is written here. My suggestion is mortgage ur own house and fund the legal process urself.
  9. maxsee333

    Sarah Pang broke into WTA Single Ranking

    Congrats to her...but being a realistic person, i have to ask...does playing tennis as a bottom feeder helps pay the bills...?_?
  10. maxsee333

    Legal voting age 18 or 21?

    I actually feels that voting rights should be after 25 and not at 21 years old. Coz scientific studies already shown that the human brain is not fully developed until age 25. - 200 m radius ( No idea what u means by that ) - reserve for Malay turn out Indian got in ( Assume u mean the current president, dun affect me in anyway so i dun care) - Create law to prosecute but dun make it effect 377A ( Dun see how it affect me, so again i dun care ) - GST help the poor ( This part aren't sure, so can't comment ) - All school are equal but dun find ministers sending their kids to neighbourhood school ( Frankly speaking, all schools are indeed created equal, but due to certain schools having more people applying to them, having a higher entry barrier is neccessary. As for ministers sending their kids to some of the school with higher entry barrier. Dun see anything wrong with it, since their kids study hard for it, not like they cheat or anything) - 2010 football team get into world cup ( They say they would like to see that happen, they din say guarantee or whatsoever, so dun see what this constitute to... ) - Swiss living standards ( Swiss living standards is define differently by everyone, so one man's meat is another man's poison, for me Singapore is too HOT to define as swiss living standards...lol ) - No Poverty (beggars) in Singapore bbecause most get carried away to IMH - ( I don't recall the government ever saying zero poverty in Singapore maybe they will do their best to reduce poverty. Anyway there is no such thing as zero poverty in any country in this world, if u know of any, do SHARE) asset enhancement, your HDB flat become worthless after 99years - ( Eh...u can always purchase freehold property in singapore. so not really a good arguement the way i see it ) that is not all, your retirement savings in CPF all used up CPF can withdraw at 55, still a myth, not just that, so many compulsory schemes to pay until nothing left in CPF etc - ( They have already make changes about CPF withdrawal long time ago. Not sure why u still harping on it.....maybe u would like to go to cpf board to keep urself updated.) PS : This are views from me and people around me....Everyone is entitle to their own views....so have a nice day.
  11. maxsee333

    Tenant don't pay rental. Recourse?

    I have first hand experience with a tenant that don't pay rental for a penthouse i own just last year. To write down everything is quite lengthy so wun be doing tat. But i did request for police assistance to repossess the unit in the event tenant turns violent. And i also found a way to simplify everything if it ever happens again. U merely need to amend certain clause in ur tenancy agreement. And do switch to using a digital lock next time. Lastly. no point relying on ur housing agent to help u in such a situation. They are not obligated to help u in anyway. U have to deal with it urself.
  12. Oh ya my bad he did breaks the olympic record. But i still sticks to what i mention earlier. He won't see the light of another olympic gold medal.
  13. Frankly speaking, Joseph Schooling 1st Olympic gold medal is due to a huge stroke of luck. To be fair, when he took home the Oympic gold medal, he did not break any world record or Oympic record that day. To me it is more like the rest of the better swimmers there are just not in top form that day. And he just did everything right, that's why he manages to get the Oympic gold medal. For him to get another gold medal in the future will require nothing less than a miracle. PS : He is no doubt a world class swimmer, but there are just a lot of better swimmers than him on the world stage.
  14. How amusing...u cannot blame the brits for invading china...so the strong should be encourage from bullying the weak eh. And the rich should be celebrated for suppressing the poor i suppose. Little wonder why it is the era of TRUMP now....STUPIDITY RULES
  15. maxsee333

    New Funan IT Mall

    Was at funan mall over weekend to scout out the place. In the past, i use to visit funan from time to time to scout out the latest IT gadgets and stuffs. The people who are managing Funan now has manage to transform it from Funan IT Mall to Funan Food Mall. What use to be level after level of different IT shop has basically been reduce to a single level of IT shops with levels after levels of food outlets sprinkle with a bit of clothings, bedsheet...etc outlets To sum it up, if i need to look for IT stuffs. I think that i would be better off at sim lim square. Food wise, maybe i will consider funan. But then again the food there dun look so fantastic. Just ur usual normal restaurant hunts. Nothing to shout about. Over time, Funan will just be another forgotten mall like majority of the rest of the mall out there. The identity of funan as a IT place aside from sim lim square is no more.