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  1. Bringing back a year ago thread? Promoting your service?
  2. Nohorserun

    Anyone tried this? KozaK Auto DryWash Cloth

    Had one, cause scratches if not careful.
  3. Nohorserun

    ST Forum: New Flat: Problems, Problems, Problems

    With so many Ah tiong main con tendering for the job, don't be surprise about the quality.
  4. I have both autoglym and duragloss 501 marine polish. I find 501 clean and protect better and hopefully its uv protection helps but autoglym has more abrasive un it, occasionally i still use it although it leaves lots of powdery behind.
  5. Awesome! You are going to blind us motorist on the road. This is real danger. Lol. I using 501+ 601+ 105 and still one of my favorite combination so far.
  6. Nohorserun

    Duragloss Photo Gallery

    I m using optimum qid, concentrated 1litre form. Can be premixed to 3litres, cost saving and is good.
  7. Nohorserun

    Duragloss Photo Gallery

    Fantastic work on Jag.
  8. Nohorserun

    Collinite Spray Wax

    845 not bad. Easy to use and a decent shine. I always add a layer to my rims to minimize brake dust sticking.
  9. Nohorserun

    Optimum OptiCoat Tested

    After having opti-coat 2.0 consumer applied. I find its much easier to wash my car now, dirt are not trapped on surface. No water stains on surface after rain.
  10. Nohorserun

    Optimum OptiCoat Tested

    I QID, just too glossy for me .
  11. Nohorserun

    Female Bosses

    Sama sama. Mine also a lady boss, really got mood swing. Also jialat one. She rules the department like a communist. Guess what, she is a Ah Tiong, really xyz. Bo bian, lun har, got a few mouth to feed. No respect for others, treat people like a dog. machiam she owns the firm. My big boss is a Ang mo lady, much much better. respect people and listen to you. All this Ah tiong really cmi. My previous boss a malaysian lady, I quitted because really buay tahan, no respect for others.
  12. Nohorserun

    DG No rinse wash

    I don't even need to que for washing bay wash now.
  13. Nohorserun

    Duragloss 105 rawks leh!

    Dg105 is really durable, 1 coat lasted 2 months easily for me.
  14. Nohorserun

    DG No rinse wash

    I dilute with water in a small spray and standby to deal with those bird droppings.
  15. Nohorserun

    DG No rinse wash

    Great product from duragloss. A chance to try out this product sample thanks to MD's Dec promotion. Because my workplace is near to construction site and my car most of the time is very dirty especially after light drizzle but recently after washing with DNR, I noticed little soiled on surface even after light drizzle and gloss apparantly stay for days. I read somewhere someone mentioned before car does not get so dirty after washing with DNR. Guess could be right and washing are much faster and easy for me now. A must buy product.