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  1. Columbian78

    2018 Nissan Serena e-POWER

    Pls do not believe what car sales people say about sales volume, especially tan chong. I bought a nissan car from tan chong. It was just launched at that time and the salesman told me bookings already many. Even an online review website said sales was good at that time. 5 years on, i can count with my 5 fingers the number of unique units i had seen here. Yes, unique to the car plate number. Btw, i saw serena this morning. Immediate feeling is the word BOXY. In a good way.
  2. Columbian78

    Nissan new sporty sedan launched

    Thats an actual nismo note. But not powerful. Nissan nismoed many models incl sylphy and x trail. But only nismo gtr actually means smthing.
  3. Columbian78

    2018 Honda Accord

    Wah whoever wants to buy or bought this accord better dont come in this thread. But its ok lah. Some people just dont like to buy a car that is replicated anywhere they go. Or just like a car regardless of pricing and whether got people buy. I also like that. Now my car is only one of 5 in sg and one of few hundreds in the world. I can say i am the first in the world and no one can challenge me (still waiting to be challenged).
  4. Columbian78

    A New Chapter - Skoda Singapore

    Will we in sg get the superb sportline ever? Current gen or future 4.
  5. Columbian78

    2018 Honda Accord

    Head turning and mesmerizing stares when driving an audi prob happen in some rural village. I dont like this accord but it will be more head turning than any audi that cost less than 2 times its selling price here.
  6. Columbian78

    Marathons in Singapore

    I was at Berlin marathon in 2005. 40000 starters. German girls need to pee just before start and the queues were too long to the mobile toilets. They simply pull down their running shorts and panties, squat down and pee in the open. Young and chio ones.
  7. Columbian78

    This is why u dont lend car or money to ur friends

    As with lending anything to friends or relatives, i decide if i am ok not to receive it back or i have to stomach it when things go wrong. If the consequence is beyond what i can stomach then i take the responsibility not to lend. The responsibility at this point is myself. In this case the lender also has responsibility. Trying to shame the other party is not the right thing to do. Like what he said, he has no money what u want him to do.
  8. Columbian78

    LTA Vehicle Inspection

    Previous inspection i removed piggyback. Seems like no need remove.
  9. Columbian78

    LTA Vehicle Inspection

    Nowadays going for inspection no longer need to bring the inspection slip right? LTA no longer send paper inspection notice. They only send me a electronic message ask me go inspect. Btw, I notice that now the LTA info has the stock tyre size. My current tyre size is no longer stock size. I don't think it will fail right? Since so many cars has aftermarket wheels that are different from stock size.
  10. Columbian78

    2018 Volvo S60 (3rd Gen) & V60 (2nd Gen)

    A4 alot more expensive at 250k. I assume u comparing the same engine specs and awd for each.
  11. Columbian78

    2018 Volvo S60 (3rd Gen) & V60 (2nd Gen)

    Half mth old v60 t5 r design selling 189k. https://m.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=848470 But no t6 version now. I saw the t5 r design parked outside showroom earlier innthe week. White and silver ones look really nice with the gloss black parts.
  12. Saw the new v60 outside volvo showroom. T5 r design looks really nice. This one now on top of my next car list. But in 2 years time maybe
  13. Columbian78

    A New Chapter - Skoda Singapore

    I started beo-ing the vrs around 2012 onwards. When I was ready to buy new car in 2014, first choice would have been the new facelifted (at that time) vrs. But local dealer went bust already. Self-import is not an option I wanna take. Do you mean give harvest or skoda a chance? I ok with Skoda cos I was in europe during 2000s and I could see it is common and reliable. Then I began to know more about cars and its a favourite car brand. I also ok with harvest as long as they don't go bust before delivering the car to me. Skoda is reliable enough and being vag can easily find workshop to service and mod here.
  14. Columbian78

    A New Chapter - Skoda Singapore

    Looks impressive. My 1.6t thai car does 8.4s but only makes 10km per litre. Why scs dont come in and sell skoda cars in 2014. I could be driving skoda now.
  15. Columbian78

    Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport [R|RS]

    The sibei sian thing is to keep hearing your whining in goodyear threads.