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  1. Its all in the hands of the authorities, whether they want to do anything about this. For a start, mileage should be recorded at the compulsory bi annual inspection for cars
  2. Vinceng

    i Wake Up Naked Today Morning

    Lan Jiao 😆
  3. Vinceng

    MAZDA 6

    sgcarmart is your best friend - https://www.sgcarmart.com/directory/listing.php?COM=Mazda&CAT=40&CSW=1 I have never serviced my cars in JB. Unless you know them very well, you risk questionable workmanship and counterfeit parts
  4. Vinceng

    MAZDA 6

    Authorised Distributors always shave this bad habit of bringing forward the change of parts, giving the excuse that it is at “Manufacturer’s recommendation”. Just like Cycle & Carriage’s 5,000km tyre rotation interval. Industry standard is 10,000km intervals. I think the thread on the wheel nut will wear out prematurely with such frequent tyre rotation.
  5. Vinceng

    Unusual or Rare Cars - Part 2

    Stock 1984 Toyota Corolla 1.3 manual😳
  6. Vinceng

    Unusual or Rare Cars - Part 2

    Rare stock Toyota Starlet.😯
  7. Vinceng

    MAZDA 6

    For Service The fuel filter and installation cost is an absolute rip off. You can buy the original fuel filter from stockist Min Ghee Auto and send your Mazda 6 to external workshops for the oil change and to replace the fuel filter for you. Will cost less than 1/4 of what Trans Eurokars changes.
  8. Vinceng

    Unusual or Rare Cars - Part 2

    The Hummer is built based on the Chevrolet Tahoe truck platform. Same as the Toyota Fortuner built on the Hilux truck platform.
  9. Vinceng

    MAZDA 6

    This is exorbitant - Jap car but at continental car servicing cost
  10. Mercedes C180 with 180,000km mileage tweaked to 84,000km - https://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=860806&DL=3512 Source: In this instance where this C180 had its mileage tweaked from 180,000km to 84,000km, and also for private used cars converted to Z10 Private Hire Cars before being sold in the resale market , there's a trick in the trade. The first owner may send it to the authorised distributor to service, sells it with a genuine 30,000 km mileage at its 3rd year. The 2nd owner does not send it for servicing at the distributor, and may have pushed the mileage to 200,000km on it's 5th year, in the case of a private hire car. The dealer will give the car a new coat of paint, the interior a spruce up with new leather seats and steering leather wrap, tweak the mileage to perhaps 60,000km, and send it back to the dealer to service at its 5th year (to place a record with distributor), and then advertise as 5 year old car, 2 owners only, 60,000km "genuine" mileage, serviced at agent. Would the buyer suspect anything? This is very common practise nowadays with so many private hire cars in the resale market.
  11. Interesting read. What's the price of petrol per litre for the lowest 87RON grade?
  12. Vinceng

    Tuffi Cool Solar Film

    Installed 3M Crystalline solar film at Tuffi Cool at Sin Ming Auto City. Absolute nightmare. Went back thrice to redo in 3 months and have given up. Main issues faced are the poor workmanship - air bubbles and specs of small rock-like dirt embedded in between the window surface and the solar film. The person told me that air bubbles are normal, despite me parking my car under the sun for over a week. I didn't want to redo the smaller pinhole sized air bubbles in the front windscreen and side windows, and just redo the rear windscreen and front window sun shade. But in all 3 times, I still had air bubbles that refused to go away and small dirt particles embedded in between the solar film and windscreen. Very disappointing workmanship.
  13. The burning question is how much does the replacement generator and electric motor cost?
  14. Vinceng

    Mother of ALL JAMs in at Checkpoint

    For Malaysians who drive to Singapore based on a 23 day work month, that's S$805 per month in VEP. Same cost as owning a Singapore car with COE
  15. I saw in Carousell, someone selling a booklet of Esso vouchers ($80) for use from Oct to Jan 2020. No restrictions and $5 x 4 coupons & $8 x 2 coupons for each month. Don't know where he got it from. But he sure is asking for the sun and moon.