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  1. Hi to all MCF bro , i would like to ask all bros of MCF if you have heard of or know of this company VS Global Pte Ltd . The reason i am asking is that i have just received a mail with a $110 cheque from VS Global Pte Ltd issued to my name as in NRIC . What puzzled me most is that i have never heard or has any dealing with whoever are they ???? I have gone to Yahoo , Google and all possible way of finding who there are but all came to nothing . Hope some bros of MCF have come across or heard of this company and help me shed some light on this matter . Thanks and Cheers
  2. Drunkclubber

    Help - Neigbhour complained of damage to his wall tiles....

    ask your neighbour go F**K spider , i am a contractor myself and have been in this business for 10 over years . If hacking of wall and tiles can cause cracks a few units away , than the immediate neighbour dining table would have vibration and shifted to the living area liow . Your neighbour is trying to take advantage of you doing reno and getting compensation . Get your contractor to answer everything , you stand aside watch can liow cos we contractor knows how to solve this kind of problem .
  3. Drunkclubber

    Ur lucky charm in car this 7th mth?

    Hello bro , i would rather read and move on in things that i dun believe in this forum but to say something like that is very insensitive . I have personally met things that cannot be explained and i do believes that ghost and god do exist . Though i have never seen god , i have personally encounter 二阿伯 ( those tangki ) telling me things that only i myself knows , not even the closest of mine knew of that few things but they do ???? As for ghost , i have seen twice and have been distured by them three times . Please do respect others religion . Thanks
  4. Drunkclubber

    Any good electrician to recommend?

    Bro re-wiring works for the entire house may cost around 3000 +/- depending on the nos of lighting points , power supply points ( 1 x 13amps and 2 x 13amps ) , nos of telephone points , scv points and lastly ECB . Additional amount will be added approx. S$250 - S$300 if you want testing done . S$1500 is close to impossible . Days needed is around 3 - 4 days . Hope the above helps .
  5. Drunkclubber

    Hyundai i45/Sonata pricelist out already

    Hyundai i45 2.4 Sunroof (A) Specifications Engine Engine capacity 2,359 cc Engine type 4-cylinder in-line 16-valves DOHC Compression ratio 11.3 Bore x Stroke (88.0 x 97.0) mm Power 198 bhp Torque 249 Nm Performance Acceleration unknown Top Speed unknown Fuel consumption unknown Misc technical data Transmission 6-speed (A) Drive type FWD Measurements Dimensions (L x W x H) (4820 x 1835 x 1470)mm Wheelbase 2,794mm Min turning radius 5,500mm Kerb weight unknown Fuel tank capacity 70L Brakes Brakes (Front) Disc Brakes (Rear) Disc Suspension Suspension (Front) Independent with stabilizer bar and coil springs Suspension (Rear) Multi-link with stabilizer bar and coil springs Specifications may vary from actual vehicle Bro this couldn't be the turbo diesel specs rite . Got it from SG car mart leh
  6. Drunkclubber

    Better FM reception in car

    Thks bro will try it out
  7. Drunkclubber

    Better FM reception in car

    Walao really made me laugh like siao , but seriously i am a die hard fan of MY channel too and would really appreciate if any bros here can recommend some changes or modification so that we can improve on the quality . Thks PS . Please do not attach singtel satelite here hoh . Cheers and Kum Sia
  8. Drunkclubber

    How much can i sell my car ? Pls advice

    thanks for all the replys and suggestion bro .
  9. Drunkclubber

    How much can i sell my car ? Pls advice

    Bro thanks for the link .
  10. Drunkclubber

    How much can i sell my car ? Pls advice

    yah i know but am confused on the asking prices stated on sgcarmart which range from 56k to 58k and i know they touch up on the paintwork before advertising so should i sell 2 to 3k below dealer asking price cos buyer of my car will need to touch up here and there rite . Btw in my opinion the paintworks on my car is about 85% to 90% condition . Thanks bro
  11. Drunkclubber

    How much can i sell my car ? Pls advice

    Thks for all the advice bro .
  12. Hello to all bros of MCF , need your help in giving me a guide on how much i can sell my 2007 Oct Mit. lancer GT 2.0 auto ( full specs with sunroof ) OMV is $19911 and accident free but mileage abit high at 86000km . Kum Sia Million Thanks
  13. Drunkclubber

    Can you stand noisy/chatty girls?

    my office no cha boh