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  1. Jazee

    Original ECU programming

    Are all piggy backs equal?
  2. Kb27, on 28 Oct 2018 - 11:36 PM, said: I like this comment a lot! Well said Not necessarily. Many stock engines are engineered to take 87 octane fuel (at least in North America they are). If you advance the timing through ECU remap, you can use higher octane fuel to make more power without losing gas mileage.
  3. Jazee

    Toyota wish 2017 lowering springs

    When you get older you'll realize it's better to worry less about looks and realize millions were spent to tune the suspension on your car and putting lowering springs on may look sportier, but better to just buy a car in the first place that has a stock sport suspension.
  4. Jazee

    Brake noise on big brake kit

    How are you so sure it's the brakes?
  5. Jazee

    What can increase acceleration?

    On cars programmed to accept 87 octane fuel, a chip that can advance timing and alter air/fuel mixture to take advantage of higher octane fuel without causing engine knock is probably the best bang for the buck.