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  1. HenryMagma

    Chevy Malibu 2016

    i saw this car before during a road show by Chevy. Forgoten the shopping centre name.
  2. HenryMagma

    Car scrap & body value

    One week left got not much choice. Dealers who export gives body value if car in good condition. Last year U scrap my altis I get one k body value from these export dealers. Now dunno the MKT.
  3. HenryMagma

    Battle of the Masters : Arsenal vs Liverpool

    With Arsenal fans chanted you dont know what youre doing towards the end of the match, what will AW do now? he still defiant.. hahaha..
  4. HenryMagma

    Noob questions on property

    Yes you can as long as you have used cpf for the private property and it has a charge on the property if not you have to rerank the charge, and you can only use cpf for the 2nd property provided you have set aside half of the prevailing mimimum sum in your SA/OA Sorry, but what is meaning of charge? What is rerank the charge? I am noob.
  5. HenryMagma

    This is the redesigned new-for-2015 KIA Sorento.

    created this thread for Sorento owners to talk shop...me still waiting for my black SX When is your ride arriving?
  6. HenryMagma

    Mother of ALL JAMs in at Checkpoint

    I just saw a SSA car plate earlier on. Time really passes. haha. Do you all think there will be SSS?
  7. HenryMagma

    Teh Tarik session for Proton and Perodua owners

    good for them...but only if Proton singapore prices the car correctly here...
  8. HenryMagma

    Johor Bahru Supper Meetup

    Hi, Im new here. What do you guys do at the meetup? Do you guys polish your car at the meetup how to see at that hour?
  9. HenryMagma

    Infiniti Q30 Hatchback

    When is this launching? Already updated on Infiniti SG website..... There are a few QX50 on the roads.
  10. operating exhaust is a basic job for exhaust shops. so i believe all the shops can give a decent job. i suppose your main concern should be pricing. i heard Man exhaust is one of the cheapest in town.
  11. Hi, Can anyone advise what is the procedure like if I were to sell my car directly to owner? I understand that the buyer and I need to go to LTA to transfer the vehicle to his name. But do I need to deregister the vehicle before transferring to the buyers name? I cant find any info about this on LTA site. It seems like from LTA site, we only need to fill up the transfer form only. On top of this, how do I actually settle my outstanding loan? I mean, if the buyer pass me the cheque, does it need to be under my name or the banks name? Anyone here experienced selling their ride to direct owner? Please advise. Cheers Orac