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  1. Bullrun

    Pioneer AVH-X8850BT

    Thanks Bro! Can you advise which shop did you install the booster? Yes, no difference.
  2. Bullrun

    Pioneer AVH-X8850BT

    Thank you bro. I called Pioneer, they recommended the same thing or an external antenna. They are saying the reception depends on the car antenna routing. But I think the 8850 tuner is not very good. FM/AM is a legacy technology, how can such advance system can't receive FM Radio properly. Good luck guys.
  3. Bullrun

    Pioneer AVH-X8850BT

    it is a new car. So when collecting at workshop it is working fine. I guess the antenna is connected.
  4. Bullrun

    Pioneer AVH-X8850BT

    Hi Anyone has problem with the radio tuner? It is perfectly fine at the workshop @ grandstand, but when in hougang and sengkang area the receiving is very poor. The workshop say there is nothing he can do. Any advise? thanks.
  5. Bullrun


    That is the way of life in SG. I have hardy been to town ever since evening ERP start in Orchard. That is my way of voicing my displeasure. So the retails in the ERP areas will not get my $$$$. I will surely boycott Clarke Quay or Boat Quay area for a long long time. There are other eatery places wat, why need to go there?? If eveyone do the same, I'm sure the retailers will KPKB and move to other areas like Dempsey- free parking, no ERP.
  6. Bullrun


    SG needs alot of pple like u.
  7. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In Reply To -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In Reply To -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- my stock today plunge $0.50! so wad u think??? i -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let me guess, StraitsAsia?? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My boss bot this share too. Lose until he dont even bother to monitor the website liao. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a highly speculative stock. It when up from 100+ to 400+. At current price, hmmmmmm ........
  8. For those who have cleared their positions, I have this little advice to offer: 1. Be in no hurry to go back into the market. There may be technical rebounds (like what's happening to Wall street tonite) but don't rush in thinking that you may missed the boat 2. Only if you have deep pockets, you may consider playing the market small & long. In small lots but long positions 3. Dumb's right! Not all blues are doable. Do your own homework, talk to people whom you may trust 4. The counter which you would expect to give you a higher quantum when market turns around positively long, you should take a longer time to buy them in for example Capitaland. She has some downward way to go but when she turns, should be rewarding. I like Keppel land too! 5. I also like Keppel Corp & Semb Corp Marine. But, also not ready to go in as yet 6. If your hands are really itchy and have deep pockets, may consider small & long counters like SPH & Singtel 7. But, if you can really avoid it, don't go point 6 yet caused the market is real shxtty ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- V well said. It will be a long while before mkt recovers. Or may be worst after the olympic?? If hand really itchy, I suggest go Genting!!! HeeHee.
  9. Stk mkt is not for weak heart. Long or short, can make $$$$, who cares. DJ up tonite. huat arrrrrrrrrrrr..............
  10. Hi Sherine, I hv PM you, pse confirm.