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  1. Victorco

    Lets give our blessings 2 those singapore oil cartels

    BP is still in SG but onli doing other fuel business tat all.
  2. Victorco

    Errors from Printing via browsers - IT

    since u reinstall windows. may i ask what the site u trying to print ?? graphic intense or java base or jus plain normal website ? possible to print to PDF or xps first then print from words or pdf reader instead ? see if u still have this problem
  3. guess your info is wrong. if owner have 2 cars. each car will have their own NCD, NCD is tight to owner and it's individual cars. instead of onli 1 regards of how many cars he own.
  4. Victorco

    Duxton Pinnacle

    abt 5yrs plus. google abt it there is a forum out there
  5. Victorco

    Serious sex poll for husbands only

    bedroom whore must train before signing confirmation letter. sign liao very hard to include inside the letter of offer.
  6. Victorco

    Strawberry Clan 草梅族

    80's cos 90's not yet work so strawberry below to 80's for now. few more year i guess if u wanna 90's to be strawberry btw all era also got strawberry 1. matter more or less.
  7. Victorco

    Serious sex poll for husbands only

    haha natural time ask doc to make it tight lor. can be done.
  8. Victorco

    Serious sex poll for husbands only

    jus too bad u can't refund after pronouncing yourself dead. and the woman chapter will you a zombie if u try to refund.
  9. Victorco

    Serious sex poll for husbands only

    by right should be front to back for all case cos the bacteria from your arse it more toxic and prompt to cause UTI then other way round between the CB and arse there is abt 1cm or 2 spacing so that wont really cause the arse to be sick so easily.
  10. Victorco

    27 July 2009 - Shell Petrol Prices Up

    tat because they get the oil in bulk daily at different rate so they will be affect 1st rather then the cartel. they rather absorb the few cent diff rather then can't sell. but if too much they have to pass down
  11. Victorco

    Fuel Prices

    no need scare, if they were to take BM worst still. the whole BM will be block off from peasant. they will not allow their elite and white donkey to squeeze and see all this. jus like the olden days when king and royal familee go excursion everything is done nicely no beggar no dirt or litters .
  12. Victorco

    This sign means what???

    that's a slow down sign. it's said to have reduce accident at that site and improve traffic. research done by our elite LTA and some square box hat holders.
  13. Victorco

    Lamborghini - No. 1

    ER1T use to be on a green Audi wagon.
  14. Victorco

    Lamborghini - No. 1

    S11T use to be on a stream now change off to new FIT in less then 6mth after getting stream.
  15. Victorco

    Why don't we TC all cars ??

    growl red hot wont affect it, as long no water is slash on it to cool it down can liao as that will cause cracks. GTI are not really HPT so wont really affect much if go up north. whereas EVO or STI with real high power will be affect if up north. their engine are not well weight thus there is a risk of blowing up.
  16. Victorco

    Why don't we TC all cars ??

    u got to be kidding. same CC produce more torque??? it's the opp way boy.
  17. Victorco

    Proud NTU girl - sad case of young people today?

    aiyo wanna fly also cannot liao lah. there close shop liao. guess this kind of pple really need to see/read about the world from other source. not shi*y times onli where everything is picture so nicely. nothing neg can be read from shi**y times.
  18. Victorco

    Serious sex poll for husbands only

    hahah maybe his is virus carrier. get a doc to test it out. else find another opponent to test.
  19. Victorco

    Serious sex poll for husbands only

    those female also must make effort to clean after peeing and is front to back not the otherway round. some female till now still do back to front.
  20. Victorco

    Serious sex poll for husbands only

    this could be due to yourself also. u may clean it but there is still unseen bat there. so best is use those dettol bath soap for both parties. and after warfare the female should use those cleaning agent for their CB. this should clear up some possibility
  21. Victorco

    McDonald's in 1979

    pls u really think the patties and nuggets are from USA ?? they are all from MY or Indo
  22. Victorco

    The most tiring job ever.

    why SG dun have ahaha. gov sure ban the test.
  23. Victorco

    Serious sex poll for husbands only

    can be due to the guy hygiene too.
  24. Victorco

    Sonata Taxi versus Civic Type R (JDM)

    what do expect. it's a sedan car not a real taxi model like Toyota Crown it's design to be a taxi in the 1st place look at HK it also have the same model try the kind of speed with tat crown u see the driver skill more then anything. if this is Europe countries that would have been some1 else daily car. it's the SG gov tat deduce tat diesel is dirty tat why we dun get that model as private car. else there will be a lot more diesel cars on the road. for SG traffic diesel is the most suitable rather then petrol. even modern diesel is much power then petrol version.
  25. Victorco

    Foreign HEAVY vehicle drivers

    more accident to come if really those "P" plate kidos.