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  1. Sx4falcon

    Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS)

    Just go to Lazada and type TPMS in the search box. whole long list there. Price range $20+ onwards. Personally I prefer those cigarette lighter socket type with battery monitor.
  2. Guess must come from good & influential family background also lah....... haha....
  3. that's the official reason given. 10 out of 12 victims wanted his identity to be exposed. But the judge is using the remaining 2 (1 of them not consulted) as reason to maintain the gag order.
  4. No need rocket sicence to solve the problem. Just need them to act.
  5. not true. Driving without valid roadtax is against the law.
  6. Sx4falcon

    1.5m condo owner scold security guard

    Resident Ramesh Erramalli given stern warning for harassing Eight Riversuites security guard https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/eight-riversuites-condominium-ramesh-erramalli-security-12271568
  7. don't even need to check ERP records if they really want to get those unpaid roadtax fellow. Just simply whether they bother to get them. But for now, whoever get into accident with those cheapo will suffer. No insurance covergae to claim from......
  8. Even within LTA itself, they cannot even identify those vehicles that did not pay roadtax but still running around across ERP gantries. What else can we expected?
  9. LTA required vehicle to have insurance coverage in order to renew roadtax. but the insurer can deny liability if the driver is drink driving etc. So what's the point of LTA insisting insurance coverage if insurer can siam?
  10. Sx4falcon

    How much is your outstanding housing loan?

    when doing financial planning to buy a house, i will not stretch myself too much that need to pay monthly installment by both CPF and cash. I will also cater such that there will always be enough balance in my CPF to pay the installment for a period ot time in case of no CPF contribution during the period due to whatever reason.
  11. Sx4falcon

    How much is your outstanding housing loan?

    Yeap. Assuming the same amount, Interest you earn from CPF will be higher than the interest you are paying the bank.
  12. Sx4falcon

    How much is your outstanding housing loan?

    I take max loan. Installment will be fully service using CPF. Bank loan interest rate is lower then CPF interest rate. To me, it doesn't make sense to take money out to pay. I rather keep the money in CPF to earn interest.
  13. Maybe the gag order was to protect the reputation of the "influential family with connections" rather than the victims?
  14. Sx4falcon

    Petrol Price Movement in Singapore

    try this url - https://fuelkaki.sg it will direct to the .../home url. But if access the https://fuelkaki.sg/home URL directly, it doesn't work. Some security feature or bug in web server?
  15. Received from a whatsapp parents chat group. "This accident happened 6th Jan morning, the Outram Secondary boy was hit by the car while crossing the traffic junction, without make sure the car stopped before crossing, so please advice your children, make sure the car stop before crossing the traffic junction." VID-20200108-WA0000_Trim_Trim.mp4