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  1. Desmond669

    Touch 'n Go App

    Anyone got photo of the machine that I tap when I clear. The passport stamping will be at the same place?
  2. Desmond669

    Touch 'n Go App

    Just a noob question... If we go in jb.. how we use the tng card to pay toll? Cannot slot inside our cashcard machine right?
  3. Desmond669

    Why more people are renewing COE?

    I just bought my Hyundai at 61,111.. not much diff leh lol
  4. Aiya just give way to let ppl come In Lor. Everyday so many ppl cut my lane. I never kpkb as Long it is done safety and no accident happen. Some drive like f, cut here and there. I just cruise and see them Perform Lor lol
  5. Desmond669

    About the new Hyundai Accent 1.4 litre

    Congrats. How much does your accent cost?
  6. Desmond669

    A new tire size calculator

    14 stock Tyre now.. recommend to change?
  7. Desmond669

    Kumho Ecsta PS31

    Any good tyres to recommend for rim 14?
  8. Desmond669

    Good proper car wash service!

    Looking for good car wash at east side -Bedok/Tanah Merah area?
  9. Desmond669

    COE Bidding – 2nd Round of March 2019

    Very true.those bikers ride like their life worth nothing.. accident waiting to happen.. just hope they don’t bang into my car..
  10. Desmond669

    Komoco new promotion

    Aiya got money can buy any brand. Buy cheaper car doesn’t mean you are poor. Same applies to buy big car.
  11. Desmond669

    How offen do you pump air for tyres?

    When u go servicing they will pump for u? Any video on how to pump Tyre? New driver here. Can ask attendant to help to pump Tyre?
  12. Desmond669

    How often do I need to change tyres and battery?

    Haha 14” Tyre he say no one Wan. Lol
  13. Desmond669

    How do you maintain your white car?

    Hi, So recommended is to have your new car do coating so as to prevent the car turning yellow? Normally how Long does it takes for new white car to turn yellowish and do you wash your car yourself or just send it for car wash.. personally I am lazy to wash myself.. lol
  14. Desmond669

    How often do I need to change tyres and battery?

    Ya, the workshop say will throw away the tyres and not resell.. don’t know how true lol
  15. Desmond669

    How often do I need to change tyres and battery?

    Guys, I buying Accent and it’s comes with stock tyres and 14 rim... do u think I should change to better tyres or just use the stock tyres for 2-3 years before changing? New driver here.. I Heard from my Friend tyres very impt but brand new stock tyres should be safe to use right?