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  1. spinergy25

    AC Issues

    there's a possibility that the cooling cool is frozen at that period of time, thus halted the cooling effect. at higher speed, your engine RPM is higher, and it spins your compressor at a higher RPM, pushing your compressor to cool the cooling cool faster and cooler until it reaches a freezing point, especially if AC temperature is set at the lowers (coolest). next time, you can try, to adjust the temperature not so cold, thus allowing the thermostat to have some time gap to cool down before it keeps freezing the cooling coil. Just sharing my old experience.
  2. spinergy25

    Strange sound from engine

    what kind of low tone noise? Or is it some light "tak-tak-tak" or "clak-clak-clak" sound? cause you mentioned it sounded like diesel engine. if it's the above i mentioned, it might be engine knocking, thus you need to do some ignition timing tuning, or the fastest way is increase the petrol octane, where instead of pumping RON95, you can pump RON98 petrol. My suggestion, if you're unsure, try one tank of RON98 and see if the problem still persists. Then you'll roughly know.
  3. soon.. pedestrian can walk faster than cars on the road....
  4. spinergy25

    Dash cam from Online Retailers

    i saw BV have this battery pack, dunno call what celllink or something. but it's the same price of the dashcam... i'm thinking if i can connect my xiaomi powerbank or not.. lol... just kidding...
  5. yea.. totally agree on this... normally i listen to the mechanic first, then only i decide. I may not know all the things about cars, but just know a bit a bit here and there. Of course, I trust the mechanic, but I also need to know what's going on. sometimes seeing people trashing on other people is like so sad, and social media today, a lot are so one-sided story, then people keep bashing... sorry guys.. a bit emotional this morning.. :(
  6. I think this is a common issue with cayenne and panamera. see this post: https://fifthgear.biz/fifthgear-blog/porsche-cayenne-and-panamera-camshaft-adjuster-bolts/
  7. spinergy25

    Extra Charge for Driving Rental Car into Msia

    ya, you should have at least the cover note of the car. sometimes at msia side, they will ask.. quite rare but sometimes they do. However, from what i know, most rental cars are already purchased with coverage to msia, it's just that they wanted to cover back a little from the extra premium they collect from you
  8. spinergy25

    Ez-link meets Touch N Go 2 in 1

    Thought about that. If all can work together, like IU = Smart Tag, Ezlink and Touch n Go can auto-convert currency. that would be the best! especially at msia custom, always a lot of touch and go no credit and no place to top up. have to park the car there and walk to top up, waste a lot of time and make more traffic congestion