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  1. Thanks for being upfront. After my retrenchment late last year I have been looking to minimise some expenses. My old friend who is financial adviser mentioned that new expenses will crop up as one grows older. Mostly will be in areas of personal comfort. eg spend more time at home so aircon need to clean and service more often. Even have to budget for new upgrade every 8-10 years as the outdoor unit compressor ages and will breakdown. I have been using a weekly housekeeper for cleaning and dusting for years already. Have to prepare to pay more for this service to include maybe cooking dinner 3 times a week once I cross 60. Then there are lifestyle costs like keeping a dog. Pet food and vet visits, even if adopt from animal shelter.
  2. No, doxxing is with the intent to harass and cause/incite hurt or harm against an individual. I am only asking for some honesty about forumer's experience in the matters they comment about. Age, job roles, which industries worked, are non-intrusive in this anonymous forum. This basic info just adds weight to one's comments and shows how genuine one is. Unless your real world background is a contradiction to the image you portray in this forum.
  3. I fully support the need to have fun. I have pretty black sarcasm on the tip of my tongue most of the time. But can see the maturity levels of some older established forumers here when someone point out their contradictions and factual errors. They get so offended when lose face. They demand the right to stir and poke, but when someone sharper poke them, they lose it and try to censor and silence their critics. They are older working adults but cannot take it as good as they try to dish out. Anyway, peace to you. btw care to share your age and working experience / career so far? Any retrenchments or near to retirement age? No need to hide in PMs. Everything is in the open for all to read. Sincerity and straightforward honesty is all I ask for. So to move this topic along, care to share your age, your working experience and whether you have been retrenched before?
  4. AlfaLove

    Do You Want To Retire Before 60 ?

    When trying to achieve a better job, save more, or invest better, there will be those who will scoff. But just because they cannot do it, does not mean it cannot be done. These are the excuses of the unsuccessful, the average and the poor in willpower: Why don't you change to a job you love? "It's too hard". Why don't you try to build a business you enjoy? "It's too costly. No money". Why don't you upgrade your skills? "No time. Too lazy". Why don't you specialise in skillsets which are in tune to your talents? "I don't want to be stuck in a rut". Why don't you try something new? "I am fearful of cheats or fearful of failing".
  5. I don't see anything wrong about charging more if there is overwhelming demand, and there is value-added by the hawker in portion size or quality of ingredients or preparation/packaging etc. Seetoh is also fair to suggest a lower price during off peak periods. Why can't we wage-earners self-regulate and not add to the crowding? And speaking of wage-earners, if we have been receiving pay rises and bonuses regularly, why be so ungracious as to withhold a reward to the best hawkers? Don't the best hawkers deserve our vote and support to continue? Shouldn't we reward effort by being willing to pay more if we really desire the dish? I also think those hawkers who don't want to make the effort to improve quality, service and taste are only looking for excuses to blame some scapegoat such as landlord or management. We should not have soft ears and soft heart for those who are hiding behind excuses.
  6. Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate it. I do choose words carefully. However, if you consider the backgrounds of most of the regulars here, they are already older citizens with years of working experience. They are not shrinking violets or trembling virgins. None are shy, fragile schoolkids. You mean cannot take the heat of a rational, reasoned discussion? Maybe the truth is that some are self-important from their jobs, salary, cars they own, and have too much pride. It hurts their ego when someone tells them they are incorrect. They get angry, offended and triggered when lost face. That's why it's important to try to verify experience and background against their comments. Once you start doing this, you will be surprised at how many try to evade. I wonder why?
  7. Because when we engage in conversation, there presupposes some honesty and being upfront with answers. I choose to try to verify with questions about other's background and experience because that says alot about others' sincerity, and validates the truth about their actual experience. Other's can choose to avoid or lie or ignore. But what does that action say about that person and how genuine his posts are? Remember, this is a car forum. Most are already working adults who qualify for car loan. Most are actually older adults and maybe nearly retired. Should they be holding an attitude and mindset of being right all time, that only their viewpoint is valid and important and correct? re: I shall refrain from making this conversation just between... The fact that our replies are in the open for all to read shows sincerity and honesty. Could you share abit about your age and career?
  8. Again, to be blunt, I am sharing my own experience and actions. Other's have their own experience so I don't expect others to agree, or even share my view. But surely we cannot condone those who maintain a certain worldview and mindset, and yet refuse to state anything about their background and actual experience in the issue. Why have something to hide? For example, don't we expect that if you give a review of a car, we would have to declare how long we have owned the car? Shouldn't we speak from experience? Or in the same vein, some like to complain about high cost of living and act like life very tough in singapore, but if you find out that they buy premium conti cars and live in private landed property, and have been earning high salary for decades, how genuine, sincere and honest are their comments then? Is there anything you can learn from them? Aren't they making a fool of you and stirring up emotions for amusement?
  9. Sorry, but posts in this forum are not for affirmation seeking, sayang-sayang or a popularity contest. I am merely sharing my experience with sincerity and being honest with my background. I also choose to ask pointed questions about the validity and rationale of other's viewpoints and understand their background and experiences. If they don't actually have the experience in the matter, how is their comment valid, authentic, genuine, meaningful and valuable to others? Do we have to seek "approval and acceptance" from a panel of old-boys who are being judgmental and subjective? If we uphold forum guidelines of respecting other's opinion, what is there to fear? If you want to be "generally acceptable to the larger audience", doesn't that mean you are marching to others' tune? You are bending over for their acceptance? But who made them judge, jury and executioner?
  10. Wouldn't you say that those who are expressing their own viewpoints are being very subjective in their posts and their rejection of my viewpoints? So why have double standards for your own "buddies" and old-boys in this forum? The old-boys can express and maintain unverified and negative viewpoints regardless, and all newbies must share their viewpoint (or be bullied/threatened/harassed into silence)? Take one step back and ask yourself about the background of the regular forumers here. How much is honest and sincere, or have they avoided revealing anything? Why are they shy to reveal more about their experience and background, perhaps work experience and even age? As a first step, perhaps you can share more about just your work experience and age?
  11. If you read my posts, I am speaking from my own experience. And why should anyone feel offended or triggered to read about my own experience? Just because you feel a certain way about an issue, it does not mean others must also feel the same way. And just because you feel something is difficult to do or cannot be done, does not mean that others cannot get it done. And since you touch on not knowing about the folks who exhibit such mindsets and attitudes, I would also ask you how much you know about their backgrounds too? Because at certain age and with certain experience in work and life, should one even be having such negative and pessimistic mindset and worldview? And worse, hold on to that pessimistic and negative mindset and worldview despite evidence otherwise?
  12. I would also ask for a little awareness about those who make those negative responses. It is the same forumers who keep expressing the same mindsets and worldview. No matter what the issue. Just as long as someone express a different viewpoint from them, or corrects them when they are factually wrong, they try to silence that person. Why take an attitude of "I am always right. Others don't know anything."?
  13. AlfaLove

    Volkswagen Passat 1.8

    Avoid the 1.8 with the seven speed DSG. The only one can consider is the 2.0 R-Line with 6 speed wet DSG. My mechanic, who has a Golf R as daily driver, says the 6 speed is reliable to about 80-90k km, but still requires transmission oil changes every 30-40k km to be safe. My gf bought a Passat R-Line Variant a year ago. As at 9000km driven with parking in underground or shaded car parks, these issues: -Digital fuel gauge not accurate. So ran out of petrol in first week after collected car and had to be towed. VW checked the petrol filter and gave full tank of 98 as apology. Seems the quarter tank of petrol one gets when collecting the new car causes the gauge to error. Need to go full tank immediately for the sensors to set correctly and baseline. -Leaking windscreen seal. Total of 7 days downtime but fixed under warranty. -Recall for cars with panoramic roof. Installed drain pipes may dislodge. 2 days downtime, but taxi vouchers provided. Still, my gf says the interior fittings, electronic features, materials quality and driving comfort surpass her 2013 volvo v60. (But volvo v60 still feels more planted and protected when going on highway during heavy rain.) Anyway, one can learn alot if you go to the workshops and chat with the service staff and even the customers waiting to collect their VWs.
  14. AlfaLove

    Do You Want To Retire Before 60 ?

    Don't avoid the issue: Do you have at least one year of your monthly personal/family expenses saved first? And what about your invesments capital amount? Pay yourself first, instead of paying commission to a financial adviser. Takes patience and planning to diligently save. Those who want to make money quick, will quickly lose money.
  15. AlfaLove

    Do You Want To Retire Before 60 ?

    To be blunt, while you say "look at the big picture" you are contradicting yourself when you try to demonstrate deeper knowledge about the issue. And your "big picture" consists of only private sector services companies tendering for govt contracts. (IT perhaps?) By saying that everything can be offshored, and that foreigners are cheaper/faster/better, you are already writing off the singaporean workers. Why so pessimistic mindset? But then you say that best way forward is for companies to hire all singaporeans. Doesn't that mean you are demanding that companies hire low quality workers? I think if you haven't tried to fill a work team with all top-performance citizens and then oversee them to produce better results consistently over years, then it is difficult to suggest that you know the "big picture".