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  1. Rajoana

    Jeep Compass coming to Singapore

    anyone bhought it?
  2. Rajoana

    Citroen C4 Picasso

    Anyone here got a 1.2t hatchback? Was wondering if it really performs like what the specs look like.
  3. Rajoana

    Chevrolet Captiva

    well didn't experienced those petty issue. another thing i suffer was a leaking power steering hose. and CD cannot Load CD. To renew or not to very personel view. Any car when u renew parf is forfited. plus rd tax is gg to be gg up every yr from the 11th yr on. My Parf is 14k. With these considerations my views are for almost any car no COE renewal.
  4. Rajoana

    Chevrolet Captiva

    well thats very personal in every case. But my preference is just because i m all the way driving hyundais. I know the stockist well and each hyundai car how its designed, handles i can link things up easily for any hyundai model. Cos i do a fair amt of DIY so its important to know how to go abt doing the stuff i do. Well actually the only thing that cost a fair bit was the timming belt. was 200+ after some bargaining. The rest just after i took over 1 by 1 had to change 3 ABS sensor probably was just my luck. Each was ard 110-125 i bhought some china made ones from ebay each for abt 15 and DIY changed.Apart from that notting else. Checking ATF is a pain. The dip stick really low and secured by a bolt so not easy to access when its hot there.but most newer cars are like that now a days. For FC depends on indiviual driving. When i took over the car it was showing 13.1L/100 with my driving style i m getting ard 10.1 to 10.3l/100km which translates to abt 9.somethingkm per litre. mosty high driving and n lightly footed. city driving probably abt 6 to 7km per litre. Well this wasn't exactly my friends personel car. Was his companys car used to chauffer clients ard and other such purpose. Therefore he didn't really kept track of what really happened to the car so to play safe i just changed the timming belt. The mileage was ard 90k. Getting this kind of a huge car definatly not low maintenence. since this had just a 1 yr and 5 mths to go and now 10mths only thats y i didn't mind for a short term experience. No Worries for asking many question thats the purpose of the forum right?
  5. Rajoana

    Chevrolet Captiva

    actually i didnt compared. took over my friends car. it was more of a want than a need. So given the opportunity i took over it. since u mentioned outlander and vitara just to appeal to me dun really know y myself If was really was looking for a suv probably i would have looked for a tucson or santa fe,
  6. Rajoana

    Chevrolet Captiva

    well have it for a few mths now. decend drive 1st non hyundai i owned. fuel consumption wise got accept what i m getting with a 2.4 AWD compared to my avante manual. big drop in FC. however went to genting and driving through a plantation in Machap (johor) a few time with rocky/dirt tracks which are muddy at times and a steep climb on a rocky hill experienced the power of a AWD. For city driving miss the response of a manual transmission but AWD makes up to a certain extent. AWD feels more stable on the move feel got a better grip on any kind of terrain. Certain Parts of a Chevy can cost more thats what i have learnt. but just 10mths to go now. so u got one as well?
  7. Rajoana

    Chevrolet Captiva

    guess my reply might have been late...well i m driving a 07 captiva now. anyone scarpping their captiva soon?
  8. Rajoana

    New Hyundai Tucson

    Diesel Particulate Filter is the word i was looking for. after googling ard for a while seems like this will decide your maintence cost above whatever type of fuel you use. Makes perfect sense to me. As volvo claims they have tested their 1.6l engine a drive up to thailand and back not a issue refuelling anywhere. . Same for citreon and peugeot they have "cleaning cycles" which clears off the suit. For this some say u got to drive harder as the cleaning only occurs at very high temperatures. Guess everyones using those DPF that can burn off suit and read this cycle could last 20mins. Else if will restart again when u drive again. So seem like such diesel cars are not for short drives on a regular usage. As for high sulphur diesel from my understanding will require more regular cleaning of injectors on top on the cleaning cycling mode occurring often. From some articles and forums i have read this is what i can conclude....but not 100% sure if this is how things work on hyundais.
  9. Rajoana

    New Hyundai Tucson

    Thanks for this info. however is there some filter thingy in the headers or something that would require a change or some kind of maintenence after sometime?
  10. Rajoana

    New Hyundai Tucson

    I was just wondering if any of you guys know abit more abt the diesel engines. on the maintenance part. If we r in malaysia or just for say use industrial diesel here are there any problems as their sulphur content is higher? from what i know diesel vehicles in the past wld have this filter in the exhaust system clogged and would cost expensive repairs. For some makes seems like they have this maintenance free type of filter system where it "burns up" while the vehicle is running so its never suppose to get clogged under normal circumstances. So just wondering if our hyundai are designed similarly?
  11. Rajoana

    Hyundai Avante 1.6A Maintenance Cost

    I know a shop that can repair radiators at kaki bt autobay.
  12. Rajoana

    Used Hyundai Trajet

    I got a gadget to read engine codes wan to try out and see whats the code?
  13. Rajoana

    Hyundai Avante 1.6A Maintenance Cost

    Depends what kind of sound... for your mirrors auto folding.... guess yar gears internally gone....not too sure if can repair. which part leaking?
  14. Rajoana

    Hyundai Avante 1.6A Maintenance Cost

    another thing is cld be cam or crank sensor..... a friend of mine too had this prob. hard to start and then one day cannot start. can't remember was one of these sensors changed to solve it.
  15. Rajoana

    Hyundai Avante 1.6A Maintenance Cost

    i see.....thats going to cost much more. maybe the fc increasing might be something else....its too drastic a change. a bacis check would be if air filter is clogged?