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    Help!! petrol smell in cabin

    see PM. .
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    Help...where to find...

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    Where to get Brembo brake calipers

    see PM.
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    Aircon oil renewal necessary?

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  5. oh... dunno, i read quickly .... blk 175 5th storey. confirm tio si sin ming autocare. spray paint shop on fire. after tat have to rush out of jamban becos got 1 kid neber tong 10cts
  6. u 1st time using HDB car park? if dun enter, behind cars will horn, then how? this is nothing new mah.. most of them "minute parking" all also lidat.
  7. Apollo

    "Cranking" sound

    sibei lame leh... is the L & EZ section so imprt to ur life? 山不转路转,路不转人转。 u really think i only hv 10 posts a day? and MCF is only forum? 失败
  8. the place must b some haunt for L337 living at 6th avenue.
  9. Apollo

    Lowering my ride

    not just suspension must check if affect ur tieyar and need camber kit anot. go upside the rims n switch to low profile will do more justice. but be warn, anything outside the car does not belong to you.
  10. Insurer ditches motorist Her coverage expires this month; another firm quotes premium of $6k By Christopher Tan, Senior Correspondent HOUSEWIFE Tan Poo Geok, 50, who has insured her car with AIG since 2004, was told two weeks ago in a letter from the insurer that it no longer wanted her business, citing 'claims experience'. She had filed claims amounting to over $10,000 for two accidents - one last December and another in June this year. With insurance on her Mitsubishi Lancer expiring at the end of this month, she has been looking around for another insurer. One firm quoted her a yearly premium of $6,000 - four times what she has been paying a year since 2004. She said: 'I feel quite helpless. I think I might give up driving and pass the car to my son.' She is not alone in this boat. The Straits Times understands that AIG, one of the biggest motor insurers here, could refuse to renew policies of motorists who have had two or more 'at-fault' accidents within three years. Several other insurers also apply the 'two strikes and you're out' rule. A senior executive of a Japanese insurer said: 'If you are such an accident-prone driver, perhaps it is best for everyone that you do not drive.' General Insurance Association (GIA) president Derek Teo noted that motor insurers generally decline to provide coverage for a policyholder who gets into two or more 'at-fault' claims during the policy term or within two years. 'However, the final decision not to invite renewal may differ from insurer to insurer, depending on the circumstances of the claims filed and commercial considerations.' A spokesman for NTUC Income, another major motor insurer, said it 'reviews every motor policy with claims in the past one year on case-by-case basis'. 'We may choose not to invite renewals for policies with high numbers of claims, drink driving, fraudulent claims and uncooperative policyholders,' he said. Madam Tan said she could not find anything in her contract stating that she could not make more than a certain number of claims within a specified period. There is, however a clause that says the insurer reserves the right not to renew the policy. She said: 'I feel it's quite unfair. Accidents are random and definitely not planned. How can an insurer accept business when times are good and abandon the client when accidents occur?' The Consumers Association of Singapore (Case) said insurers should find a better way of handling customers. Case executive director Seah Seng Choon said it was better to encourage 'at-fault' motorists to undergo a safety orientation course conducted by an independent party as a condition to continuing with the policy. 'I believe this is a win-win solution - the insurer gets to keep its clients and motorists learn to be better drivers. I urge insurers to be more proactive and show corporate social responsibility in helping to keep our roads safe instead of pushing the problem to another insurer,' said Mr Seah. The GIA said it does not compile the number of motorists who are declined coverage each year, but reckoned the cohort to be 'relatively small', put against the total vehicle population of about 880,000. christan@sph.com.sg http://www.straitstimes.com/Breaking%2BNew...ory_285380.html
  11. Marshals at Holland V HDB hires them to improve flow at carpark with new parking system By Sumathi V. Selvaretnam THE Housing Board has deployed marshals from a private company to guide drivers at a much-talked-about carpark in Holland Village that has recently been outfitted with an electronic parking system. They are there to help improve traffic flow around the 400-lot Holland Avenue carpark, which has been at the centre of a three-week controversy. Last month, the HDB forced two popular valet services that operated out of the carpark to close down, saying they caused congestion, harassed motorists and blocked lanes. On Sept 22, the HDB introduced the electronic system for the carpark, the closest one to Holland Village's restaurants, bars, spas and retail outlets. When The Straits Times visited last Friday evening, carpark marshals dressed in red polo T-shirts were seen guiding motorists to available lots. They work for G.Tech, the company that manages the electronic system, which runs on CashCards. The HDB said on Tuesday that the setup, which charges drivers by the minute, has cut down on the number of motorists who monopolise lots. It said the new system has helped an additional 300 to 700 motorists find a spot each day. Some motorists who spoke to The Straits Times, though, said they still preferred valet parking, which they said were more convenient. With the new system, drivers who head to the area at popular times, such as on Fridays and weekends, still have trouble getting lots, and many are forced to wait in the carpark for some time before they can park. 'In an emergency, I don't have to wait around. I'll just give the car to the valet and head off,' said Ms Jocelyn Wong, 31, an interior designer. Last Friday, for example, at least six cars were seen waiting for a lot between 7pm and 8pm. Eleven out of the 15 motorists interviewed said sometimes, the wait took as long as 20 minutes. Sales manager Rajan Subramaniam, 35, was among them. 'They still let cars in when it is full. I am paying for every minute while waiting,' he said. Responding to queries from The Straits Times, the HDB said drivers should consider nearby carparks during prime hours. These include the multi-storey carparks at Block 5A Holland Close, Block 10A Holland Drive, the surface carpark next to the Buona Vista Swimming Complex and the on-street carpark at Chip Bee Gardens. All are within walking distance of Holland Village. It added that though the carpark does not bar drivers from entering when it is full, they are given a 10-minute grace period to look for a lot before exiting it. Meanwhile, some businesses in the area which had deals with the valet companies to park their customers' cars have seen their takings drop. Mrs Sabrinah Hussin, 23, who manages Splendour Spa, said she has had fewer walk-in customers, and the number of regulars has dropped byhalf. sumathis@sph.com.sg http://www.straitstimes.com/Breaking%2BNew...ory_285428.html
  12. Apollo

    Aircon oil renewal necessary?

    aircon flushing will b like chemical washing of the internal evaporator liaoz + replace dryer filter and expansion value. down time abt 1 day to finish.