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    Hi guys, sitting at TC Bukit Timah now waiting for my 2018 xtrail. Sent it in for the front radar sensor issue discussed in this thread. What the service rep informed me was that some firmware update is needed... That the front radar was somehow receiving feedback signals from other devices (like cctvs and parking sensors), making the front radar think there is obstruction in front. Which explains why most times this "false positive" occurs in carpark. The other potential situation is when there is a strong reflection (eg a window or mirror that reflects your own headlights back to your car) making the car think there is a car in front. He also wrote on the servicing slip about some "Feb recall program" , which I am unable to find anywhere online or on One Motoring website. Upon further checks online, seems this issue is very big around the world, with USA Nissan currently going through some lawsuit regarding this front radar issue, having to inspect more than 600,000 cars. Apparently Nissan is blaming Bosch for this (the supplier/manufacturer of the front radar). This radar is used in many of the other models too, not just xtrail. Advise everyone to visit the service centers for firmware updates. It's dangerous if the car behind cannot react in time.