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  1. whnygrl

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    Not a bad idea!! But I don't know when bolehland will decide to enforce this system for good... actually, I registered for VEP for my previous car when it was announced in like 2015-2016... sold off that car long ago and until now VEP is still not enforced. Lolol
  2. whnygrl

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    Aiyo... Anyway, contacted my dealer - got chance for now. Seems like for those who buy used cars with VEP RFID tag, 100% no hope. Dealer showed me email from VEP saying that seller has to head into JB to deregister in person (who would go through that trouble?!). In my case, the previous owner can deregister the car in his VEP system, then hopefully I will be able to register under my name...
  3. whnygrl

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    Hi all, I purchased a used car recently and tried to register for VEP. System wouldn't allow me to proceed with registration because the vehicle's chassis number has been registered (to another owner, presumably). Any idea what my options are now?
  4. Hi, i'm interested but unable to PM you (maybe because I just created a new account to PM). Possible to PM me with the rate and whatsapp number? TYVM...