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  1. Little_prince

    Confusing Signals

    is your friend an editor working at SPH?
  2. Isn’t JD the one with the ceo with Super hot Wife that just raped some student?
  3. DJI looks wierd. price rising but vol seem like dropping? can sustain is a big question mark? musical chair might stop anytime
  4. semb corp keep going up these few days any thoughts on it? i still got 20+ lots dunno whether to hold or maybe let go some
  5. Little_prince

    More NS defaulters in 2011 than in 2010

    i think it's fair. in fact i dont think he should have been fined at all. he lived abroad all his life without reaping any benefit as a singapore citizen it was a mistake on the mother's part tbh.
  6. Little_prince

    Political office holders rcv avg bonus of 4mths in last 5yrs

    yes. same as civil servants. the ones that annouced in the papers are just the guaranteed bonus. the variable bonus depend on performance grade. totally easily 3-4 months everything in. more if you good performer. above is for ministry. Some stat board may pay more
  7. Little_prince

    Roast goose

    whoa. thanks for the recommend. shall try xiaowangfu next time if got the chance.
  8. Little_prince

    Roast goose

    tried da dong and quanjude. wasnt impressed leh. lose to singapore imperial peking duck
  9. Little_prince

    RSAF pilot sue cabby for 4million dollars

    based on statistical life. they have a term for it. VOSL. value of statistical life. they use it for computation of a lot of things like benefit transfer etc. usually based on retirement age.
  10. Little_prince

    Man who has been prank calling police sentenced 3 years jail

    i am more surprised the judge accepted her reasoning that her lexus soundproofing is so fantastic that she didnt notice. i wonder if the fact she stay sixth avenue and drives a lexus play a part in the decision.... really SMH
  11. Little_prince

    Man who has been prank calling police sentenced 3 years jail

    and this type of hit and run no jail at all. 3,000.
  12. Little_prince

    RSAF pilot sue cabby for 4million dollars

    it's a foreseeable loss on the part of the pilot given that the taxi driver would conceivably cause an accident by beating the red light. the claim amount is just the delta become the pilot's expected earning over a lifetime vs her projected earnings post accident. e.g if i am a 20 yr old earning 100k a year. average life expectancy is 80yr old. after accident i can only earn 50k a year. so is it unreasonable of me to claim 50k x 60years = $3m because that would have been my earning if you did not injure me? the fact that the taxi driver have already admitted 100% liablility is pretty damming. the large payout is a factor due to her earning potential and her relatively young age. any lawyers here please feel free to correct me if im wrong?
  13. Little_prince

    EPL 18/19 - New Season Begins

    maybe can get manure to sell him to barca now