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  1. Koren

    Sitex GPS promotion

    I don't know about the older Marbella GPSes. But I've played with my friend's new iNav 510. The satellite log on is crazily fast. Route calculations never take more than 5 seconds even from sg to kl. One unique feature is the FM transmitter. Can watch video, play mp3 and the sound comes from the car's speakers wirelessly.
  2. Koren

    Sitex GPS promotion

    Buy a GPS, get a video recorder free? Further more, the GPS only costs sub $200. Any comments?
  3. Koren

    Starting off as a home tutor

    Any experienced tutors here? Would like to start off as one to earn some extra cash. Share with me how you guys started off. Whats preparations to make and any tips you guys can share. Thanks!
  4. Koren

    Time to reconsider the speed limit?

    cars are designed for euro speed limit. but our roads are not.
  5. Koren

    Sabaru wrx sti toooo fast not furious

    nowadays subaru never hire stunt driver for motor shows liao.. i think this bugger kinda miss those shows..
  6. could be the weight distribution and the dynamics.. the mx5 has a really high nose. its more of a fashionable cruiser. not to forget the 7cm shorter wheelbase as compared to s2000.
  7. Koren

    Ah Long O$P$

    @ least its marker, not paint.. just go over it with a whiteboard marker and wipe it off.. these type of people should be burnt.
  8. ok la.. not very fast either.. body panels not much damage..
  9. its a jazz.. no, its a fit.. no, its the all new honda flip
  10. Koren

    St*mf*rd Tyres - NOT AGAIN!

    i'm waiting eagerly to hear their side of the story.. lol..
  11. Koren

    St*mf*rd Tyres - NOT AGAIN!

    Drafting a nice letter to the press.. sian.. the thread so quiet today.. friend of stamford also not around..
  12. Koren

    St*mf*rd Tyres - NOT AGAIN!

    yea.. in fact.. i'm still waiting for an apology from them.. i'll bring it to a higher level until something happens.
  13. Koren

    St*mf*rd Tyres - NOT AGAIN!

    emailed stomp.. hope it gets posted soon..
  14. Koren

    St*mf*rd Tyres - NOT AGAIN!

    yup.. absolutely right.. went down to tampines branch at 2pm. din have the stuff i ordered, have to send it down by taxi. when i collected it at 5:30pm, the seal was already broken, now i have to worry if the pads have been tempered with. where's this friend of stamford? come out n clarify again?